Clearest Spy Pics of Upcoming Yamaha FZX Emerge

These Yamaha FZX pics have emerged from its promotional shoot taking place somewhere in the hills. Launch can be expected in few days…

The response for the XSR155 in India, when it was globally unveiled, was extremely good. Many bikers have written to us sharing their interests in such a motorcycle for our country. However, Yamaha had some other plans.

It wanted to bring in the XSR but then it did not want it to cost it so much. It also did not want to spend its energies in establishing a new brand in our market from the scratch. So – what is the solution?

This is what it believes is a middle ground for all the concerns – the FZX. The FZX is based on the 150cc FZ platform (and not on the R15’s platform) and hence doesn’t cost a lot. It shares its design concept from the XSR and since it carries the established FZ moniker, Yamaha will not have to worry about popularizing this new upcoming model.

yamaha fzx pics

Yamaha may think everything looks sorted and it has played a good, balanced game with the FZX. We will reserve our judgement, at least on its styling, till we see it in person. But we should say, it doesn’t look bad. Basically Yamaha will be offering a neo retro theme in the 150cc segment – something fresh.

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yamaha fzx pics

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The FZX is sharing the 149cc engine from the FZ range and it has been confirmed that it produces 13.3 Nm of max torque. It, then, is likely to churn the same 12.4 PS of peak power as well. Considering that these pics are coming from its promotional shoots, Yamaha is absolutely ready with the model. FZX launch can be expected anytime in the coming few days. Its placement – whether above of below the 150cc FZ range – can not be predicted at the moment.

Pics – Iamabiker via Surya Dagar