S1 Pro Discounts of 10k Announced; Ola Gets to Offers to Push Sales

Ola S1 Pro discounts and other offers have been announced (but for a limited period) and can be availed at their offline stores as well…

So, back in May of 2022, Ola Electric hiked the price of their S1 Pro electric scooter by Rs. 10,000/- when they announced the purchase window commencement of that month. 

However, 3 months on, Ola Electric have announced a discount of Rs. 10,000/- on Ola S1 Pro Electric Scooter till October 5. This means that the flagship Ola electric scooter will cost Rs. 1.30 Lakh (ex-showroom) till October 5, which is the original price at which the electric scooter was introduced back in August 2021. 

Ola S1 Pro discounts

Additionally, on top of the Rs. 10,000/- cash discount, Ola is also offering a discount of Rs. 1,500/- on their 5-year extended warranty, a reduced interest rate of 8.99% (down by 2.2%) & Zero processing fee on loans. These offers too are valid till October 5. 

While these new offers introduced for a limited time are announced in the guise of festive offers, this is not the complete story. Due to many mechanical failures & quality control issues, Ola Electric have garnered a lot of criticism on social media & and on the news as well. This combined with Ather launching Gen-3 of their electric offerings with many practical & useful features has resulted in Ola Electric sales suffering in the previous months. 

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Ola Electric have seen their sales fall by nearly 5,828 units from May (9,249 units) to August (3,421 units), as per the data mentioned on the VAHAN portal. 

In line with the idea of reaching more customers, Ola Electric have recently announced their plans of opening 20 new Ola Experience Centres, with 8 already operational in major cities of India. By March of 2023, they are aiming to reach 200 established Ola Experience Centres in India. 

This decision was overwhelmingly supported by the general public on Twitter when Mr. Bhavish Aggarwal asked for their opinion through a poll on the said social media site. 

Finally, Ola Electric is planning to expand their footprint to other countries as well and will begin their sales operation in Nepal by the end of 2022.