Delhi Aiming To Facilitate Nearly 5,000 Kerbside Charging Points By 2025

Kerbside Charging In Delhi is aimed to cover 1400 km road network to allow EVs to charge 24 hours in selective locations…

So, To help in the easy adoption of Electric mobility solutions in India and its major cities, the Government of Delhi have announced a campaign to install nearly 5,000 kerbside charging points by the year 2025. 

These kerbside charging points are aimed to be installed along the 1,400 km road network of Delhi and will be operational 24 hours to facilitate charging of two-wheelers as well as three-wheelers. 

This project will be supervised & managed by The Delhi Dialogue and Development Commission. This Commission’s main aim is to install charging stations & points for various electric vehicles on all major public roads. What is still unconfirmed is if these services will be extended to four-wheeled electric vehicles or not. 

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It is claimed that nearly 1,742 charging stations are currently established in India, which is not a number to boast about in a country where Electric two-wheelers are gaining traction at a rapid pace.  

The concept of ‘Kerbside Charging’ comes from population-dense cities such as London & San Francisco where the lamp posts are used to offer wired charging to urban electric scooters & mopeds. This concept will be modified for India where lamp posts and small substations will be utilised situated near the major parking locations. 

Initially, a pilot will be run where 100 such charging points will be made operational to understand the complete operation and iron out any niggles as they come. Then the project will run its course and will expand to cover the 1,400 km network. It is estimated that there are nearly 1 Lakh streetlamp posts spread across the 1,400 km road network of Delhi. These points will potentially be utilised to facilitate kerbside charging.