BA Oct 14 Sales Report: List of Top Motorcycle (Only) Manufacturers: Bajaj Ahead of Honda

If we consider just the motorcycle sales in India, and remove the scooters and mopeds from the list, then the order at which the manufacturers stack up against each other changes considerably.


This also reveals the areas where manufacturers are strong and where they are weak. Here are the numbers…

Oct 2014 Sales Motorcycles (Only): Top Manufacturers


  • 4,91,190 motorcycles in a span of just 31 days is no mean feat. Hero is just a shade less than all the manufacturers’ sales combined! But, they have seen a major drop in their motorcycle sales of more than 60,000 units. It will be really interesting to see how will the sales graph swing for the world’s largest two wheeler manufacturer.
  • You may have seen Bajaj loose out in the overall sales as well as no show in Scooters, but they make up in motorcycle sales and export markets where they are the largest exporters of motorcycles in India.‘Hamara Bajaj’ sold 2,04,281 motorcycles in the month of Oct 14. They have also registered a loss of over 25,000 units when compared with Oct 13 sales. But they have some interesting products lined up for launch in the future and it appears that they will maintain the lead over Honda and others in the near future.
  • Honda, the largest scooter seller, comes at the second spot when we talk about motorcycles. It registered sales of 1,62,204 units in October 2014, a drop of nearly 10,000 units compared to Oct 13. They continue to do good in the 100 and 125cc segment, however, they are not able to capitalize in the 150cc and higher segments and none of their upcoming products appear to be real sales-monsters at this point.


  • Unlike Honda, TVS has an almost 50:50 share of motorcycles and scooters. For the month of Oct 14, TVS sold 67,980 motorcycles which is a little less considering its offerings. The next question is – then how did they outdo Bajaj in overall sales for Oct 14? The answer is Mopeds! Yes, TVS is the only company selling mopeds in India which form the majority of its sales. Minus that and their numbers start appearing dismal! However, among the top 4 major manufacturers, TVS is the only company which showed a (marginal) rise in motorcycle sales as compared to Oct 13 sales.
  • Yamaha with 33,447 units comes at the 5th  position, after a wide gap with the top 4. Yamaha do have some aggressive product plans which include some in the mass segment as well.

Royal-Enfield-Continental-GT-Pics (1)

  • Royal Enfield’s capacity expansion has helped the manufacturer record a significant increase in sales as compared to last Oct. The steady demand by loyalists and new enthusiasts alike have helped the company sell 25,510 units in October 2014.
  • Mahindra only has one prominent product – Centuro which has helped them secure 15,551 units. They have a few interesting motorcycles lined up for launch in the coming months and this figure should rise to some acceptable levels.
  • The damp squib is Suzuki! They just sold 7,925 units in Oct 14, out of which Gixxer contributed about 4600 units. This, despite a presence in all the mass-selling segments and with products like Hayate, Slingshot & GS150R, which combined sold 3300 units only!

So..which manufacturer are you putting your money on..  😉

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