150cc Motorcycles Oct 14 Sales Report: Yamaha Trounces Honda, Hero Last!

150cc, a few years back, was considered as a performance segment in India which was started by CBZ back in 1999 and later on taken over by Bajaj’s Pulsars. However, with the advent of much more powerful machines, this segment is now an optimum of power and mileage and can be sub divided into entry level offerings like Discover 150 twins, Yamaha’s SZs, Achievers etc, mainstream models like Pulsar, FZ, Apache and performance oriented ones like the R15 and CBR150R.


We have always heard that Bajaj rules this segment but by how much and what sales are other motorcycles garnering…? Here we answer all your questions and list the Oct 2014 domestic sales of all 150cc motorcycles in India.



  • ‘Hamara Bajaj’ with its newly hatched Discover 150 twins and the old wine Pulsar 150 saw 78,249 units rolling out of its dealerships in October 2014. Last year the gap between Bajaj and Honda in the 150 cc class had come pretty close but this time Bajaj has raced ahead of everyone and leads by a huge margin. These figure do NOT include the sales of the Pulsar 180. The cumulative sales for this month are also double of Yamaha, the second largest seller here.
  • The second position has seen a major reshuffle this year. Throttling past Honda is Japanese competitor Yamaha which sold 28,143 units. Guess the FZ and Fazer version 2.0 did wave the magic wand Yamaha had been searching for. We should also give due respect to the country’s only track centred, performance oriented 150 cc motorcycle, the YZF R15 which is still registering very respectable sales.
  • Honda has been doing great in the 125cc segment in motorcycles but has been falling in the 150cc segment and has been pushed to the third spot by Yamaha despite having three products in the segment. Unicorn is the major seller here and both Trigger and CBR150R are duds when we talk about sales. However, Honda has a new premium 160cc planned for a launch very soon, which may garner them some mileage in this segment.
  • Suzuki with its newly launched Gixxer and dying GS 150R has managed to jump over Hero’s rotting corpses in the 150cc segment. The numbers may stabilise in the coming months but thanks to its great styling, it might just turn out to be a regular in the top 4. It managed to score 4,662 units sold in October 2014. However, falling sales for GS150R may be worrying for the company. In fact, it managed only 74 units in Oct 2014!
  • Hero, the world’s largest selling two-wheeler manufacturer, comes last in the 150cc category despite having as many as 4 motorcycles in the segment. The 4,610 units has been a sharp decline from last year’s figures (13,000 units) and Hero MotoCorp surely needs to pull up their socks to make its presence in the category count. They are about to launch a more powerful 15.2bhp Xtreme Sports, however, we do not see it doing any major reshuffle in the segment.


Pulsar is still the largest selling 150cc in India

Where is TVS Apache 160?

Yes, we know this is the single biggest question you will have after reading till here. However, TVS figures we have in hand comprise of Apache RTR 160 and 180 together and hence we have NOT included them in this list. Both Apaches combined managed 16,462 units in Oct 2014 which is in the same ballpark as Oct 13.

However, cumulative sales from April to October 2014, at 1,12,096 are significantly better than 81,898 units sold during the same period last year.

So, we believe TVS in this segment with their Apache RTR 160 will lie somewhere just under Honda as the fourth largest seller.

Now you know what sells and which one leads the other by how much. 🙂

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