No matter how close or far a particular bike (or manufacturer too, in some cases) is to your heart, the monthly and year-to-date sales reports together form one big reason, especially in the context of premium motorcycles, that may either brutally cause you a heartache or bring great joy. So let me tell you right away to not read any further if you are a KTM hater (for any rhyme or reason) because you just might not be able to sleep tonight then.


I say that because the KTM 390s, both the faired RC and the naked Duke, have wheelied their way to success with a not-so-polite hand-gesture to their detractors. Up until the end of last month Bajaj had sold 3,077 KTM 390s in the current financial year (April to Oct 14). The previous best-seller of the segment, the Honda CBR 250R, of which 5,860 units were sold in the period of April-October 2013, could only find 784 buyers in the corresponding period this year!


The ‘expensive’ Ninja 300 found 272 homes in the same period (April-Oct.2014), but its interesting to note that in the corresponding months of 2013, 336 units of the bike were sold. In fact, 96 Ninja 300s were sold in October 2013, whereas the last month only saw a sale of 33 units. Yes, the KTM 390s are to be blamed for sure, of which 1015 units were sold in the last month.


I have been saying that the Ninja 650, though from a different segment altogether, is much better value as compared to the 300, and the sales figures confirm the same:  48 and 39 units of the bike were sold in October 2013 and October 2014, respectively. The less variance shows that sales are stable and would remain that way mostly irrespective of the availability of a cheaper alternative, unless, of course, the latter is better in other parameters too…Please note that the October 2014 figure for the 650 would also include a few units of ER-6Ns


Also, while Suzuki India could only sell 12 Inazumas last month, the Kawasaki Z250 did a quite respectable 24 units in comparison. And Hyosung has apparently shied away from sharing the numbers…

Yamaha obviously has nothing to offer here unfortunately, and while we can continue to dream of the YZF-R3 or even the R25, Bajaj will launch the Pulsar 400SS sometime this year which may better these figures…

Note: Figures for Ninjas are confusing as SIAM classifies them under two different companies Bajaj & Kawasaki and they report different numbers for the same period!

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  1. the hype continues-I hope KTM gets the credit for making a good bike-though i have my [own] doubts on its reliability and refinement[read Bajaj].

  2. the hype continues-I hope KTM gets the credit for making a good bike-though i have my [own] doubts on its reliability and refinement[read Bajaj]. It does have lemon here and there,i would have loved to see a much more premium looking bike-I know you would pay a premium for Ninja300 and it’s indeed a premium bike. HOwever,outside India RC390 is quite expensive and i hope again that the quality of the product internationally is same as what we get in India…again,i think of Bajaj and quality doesn’t come to mind,but KTM i have some hopes

  3. A well balanced product like the CBR250R has died out due to Honda over-pricing it for the quality it sports. Better stock tyres and brakes (non-ABS variant) with a lower price tag would have helped the CBR’s cause as its simply the best tourer in the country today.

  4. Bigger displacement and single cylinder is working for KTM even after restricting the ECU for the sake of reliability. Japanese strategy is always different from the Europeans and well as the Indians when it comes to performance bikes. The puny r25 does 196Kmph on the speedo against the RC’s 176Kmph while there is a displacement difference of 125cc between them. As long as there are numbers from any manufacturer, they will surely be successful in India. No big deal!!

  5. KTM has its own character. It is not only the engine but the entire bike that feels aweasome.
    I wish pulsar 200 NS uses MRF tires and not cheap Eurogrip tyres.


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