No New Karizma; Special Editions of ZMR & R Showcased Instead – Will it Help But? [Auto Expo 2016]

Before the Auto Expo, there were speculations of Hero considering showcasing a new Karizma at the show but apart from the very interesting XF3R, HX250, the only other new premium motorcycle they showcased was the 200 cc Xtreme 200S. Apart from these they put on display the existing production variants which also included special editions of both the existing Karizma R and its full-faired sibling ZMR.

The fuel injected Karizma ZMR adorned brighter red and white dual tone flashy colour theme with white alloy at the front and red at the rear – yes a similar treatment from the new Xtreme 200S. In terms of specs, nothing changed – the 223 cc engine with oil cooler produces 20 bhp of peak power and 19.7 Nm of maximum torque with a claimed top speed of 129 kmph.

New Hero Karizma ZMR Red White Special Edition

On the other hand, the half-faired sibling Karizma R was showcased in black-white dual tone livery with a few flashes of orange thrown in to make it look attractive. We are not sure about the ZMR, but the special edition Karizma R did look fairly interesting and the colour theme chosen was not too flashy. No changes were made to the mechanicals – it continued to be powered by the same 19.2 bhp, 19.35 Nm 223 cc carburetted engine along with a claimed top whack of 126 kmph.

New Hero Karizma R White Black Special Edition

This means two things – one, against the rumour that erupted a few months back, both the Karizmas are in production (which we also clarified upon receiving the production numbers here) and two, the existing Karizmas are here to stay for another few months at least.

New Hero Karizma ZMR White Red Special Edition

But since Hero has developed their own 200 cc engine (which will go on the Xtreme 200S soon), the new Karizmas, whenever they come, will, in all probability use the same.

New Hero Karizma R Black White Special Edition

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Hero did not mention these Karizmas anywhere in their press release or the speech at the Auto Expo but they may launch these special editions sometime soon to freshen up things and yes, we are confident that they will not kill the Karizma brand completely. But with the current editions, which have been completely dismissed by the masses, sales are hard to come by!