Hero Reveals New Details of HX250 – Top Speed of 165 kmph [Updated]

Among other motorcycles, some interesting (like XF3R) and some not so, Hero showcased their much awaited 250 cc HX250, which has lost an ‘R’ in two years – yes, the decals on the new blue coloured motorcycle do not have the ‘R’ suffix of the first and the original name HX250R.

Hero also revealed a couple of new details of HX – its top speed and torque, which were not known till now. Nothing was mentioned in the press release or the conference but according to the specs Hero has given, HX250 churns out 31.4 PS of peak power at 9000 rpm and 23 Nm of maximum torque at 7000 rpm. The liquid cooled DOHC 4-valve engine is mated to a 6-speed gearbox and in a new, Hero has claimed a top speed of a whopping 165 kmph!

Hero-HX250-Blue-Pic-Auto-Expo (1)

Manufacturers generally mention true speeds which have been achieved and we are not sure how many of the 250s we have had so far have been able to clock 165 kmph on the speed gun – yes including the twin cylinder motorcycles! Promises are real sky-high and I get the feeling that HX250 will be a stonker of a motor – remember we haven’t had a 31 horse-strong 250 yet!

Also notice very minor changes like reflectors on front forks, sticker placement change apart from a more pronounced “HERO” on the crank case cover.


At this moment, I am not sure why has the motorcycle gotten a new name – HX250 and what significance that lost ‘R’ holds here. There may be two variants that were/will be planned or its just Hero’s way of passing some more time.

HX250R of Auto Expo 2014

Nonetheless, the aggression of the dual-tone shades, showcased back at the last Expo, is gone and in complete solid colour of blue it looks more sober and slightly less sportier but still very very adorable!


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Like you, all of us are also absolutely clueless about the launch date of HX250(R) at this moment and let us hope we do not get to see an unlaunched prototype at Auto Expo 2018 with a new name – HX25!!!