Naked Apache 310: This is How it Could Have Looked if TVS Made One…

Naked Apache 310 pic (rendering) has been shared by a Youtuber which, kind of, gives us a visualization of how it could have looked…

TVS’ boss has revealed that the company is working on the fourth model on its 310 platform (more details). Two out of the current three – G310 R and G310 GS are sold under BMW’s moniker whereas the Apache RR 310 is retailed by the Indian brand.

It is not known what form will the next product adorn but considering the interest levels, various speculations and rumors have emerged – some of which claim that the upcoming 310 model will be a streetfighter, others suggest that it will be an ADV; and then there are some who also harp for a cruiser.

On the same lines, a Youtuber has posted his version of what he calls as the Apache RTR 310; which is done on Photoshop. To make this, he has taken the twin headlamps, tyres, exhaust and the rear portion from the RR 310 whereas the mid section including the tank is carried over from the smaller Apaches RTRs.

There are a few crude areas like the front forks – which are regular telescopics from the top whereas they end up being USDs.

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Naked Apache 310 pic
Apache RR 310 has got a whole lot of upgrades in its new BS6 version…

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Please note that there is nothing on it from the company yet. Just treat this as a random person’s imagination of how he believes a streetfighter Apache 310 could have looked.

TVS Considering Buying UK’s Norton Motorycles?

But aside all this, does the prospect of a cheaper, naked Apache 310 excite you?

Source – Yogi Sejwal Design