Mahindra Goes Berserk; To Launch 10 New Bikes/Scooters in 2 Years

Call it their zeal which enabled them to bounce back after the debacle of Stallio! Back with vengeance, Mahindra is looking all so aggressive to give a real jolt to all the existing manufactures in the country.


As a beginning, Centuro is the most important product for the company and the amount of resources they have spent as well as the presence of the topmost management at its launch clears the seriousness the Pune based manufacturer is imbibed in. That they are working on a plethora of new products is known but as many as 10 is a surprise!

Yes, Mahindra has officially announced that they will be launching as many as 10 new products in the market in the coming two years. These products will include absolutely new launches as well as refreshes of the existing ones. Counting on our fingers, we can safely assume an average of at least one product per quarter!

And if you thought they have their concentration only on the entry level segment, you are mighty wrong! Mahindra is looking at almost all the segments which also include the exciting bigger ones. Centuro has been recently launched and 300cc Mojo is coming this year. Apart from that BikeAdvice has busted the upcoming scooter which was caught in Pune a few weeks back (pictured below). For all these we have the spyshots.

Mahindra-New-Scooter-301 (1)

*This is the scooter codenamed as 301. Click pic for details.

But for the ones we do not have much info are expected to be motorcycles in the 125cc and 150cc segments along with a few variants of scooters. So, is Mahindra the next BIG thing in the two wheeler space?

Only time and their products will tell! Keep tuned as we are on the prowl and even the smallest of scoop will be shared with all of you.