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They were scooters that made Honda what it is in India currently and they are scooters on which Mahindra seems to be basing their dependency a lot. In fact, till date their mainstay have only been the Duro and Rodeo scooters. They have not been able to do any good in the motorcycle market yet.

Mahindra-New-Scooter-301 (1)

Now, we bring to you an exclusive scoop from this Pune based auto major. Our hawk eyes have caught this new Mahindra scooter mule on the outskirts of Pune near its plant. This scooter carries mismatched parts and a lot of camouflage to ensure its identity is hidden. From the rear, it looks like Rodeo but do not be fooled. This is an early prototype with parts taken from various sources including Rodeo. The final product will be different, for sure.

According to unconfirmed reports, this scooter is codenamed as 301 and will NOT carry the same 125cc engine from Rodeo RX and Duro DX. We are unsure about the actual engine size as of now. We are also not sure about the possible launch period as well but a year end launch cannot be ruled out. We are hunting for more info on this scooter and we expect to dig out more details soon.

Mahindra-New-Scooter-301 (2)

Mahindra has a lot of products lined up for the Indian market which includes a 125-150cc motorcycle, this scooter as well as the 300cc Mojo. All this, apart from their 110cc Pantero and the upcoming Centuro.

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  1. Looks like bigger 12-inch wheels, which will be really good.

    For so many years Honda and Suzuki have both given only small 10-inch wheels for their Activa and Access scooters. Because they sell anyway, both of them dont want to improve their products. Activa does not even have telescopic front suspension.

    Bigger 12-inch wheels are really needed for bad indian roads. Bigger wheels give better stability.

    Honda aviator has bigger 12-inch wheel in front and same old 10-inch wheel at rear, which makes the scooter look disproportionate.

    TVS was the first to bring bigger 12-inch alloy wheels, both front and rear, in Wego. Hope mahindra also give 12-inch wheels in their scooters.


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