Mahindra Unveils Centuro & Pantero – 110cc Motorcycles With Innovative Features


You saw the first ever spy pics of Pantero at BikeAdvice back in August. Obviously that time the name ‘Pantero’ was not known. It was BikeAdvice which busted the Centuro with another set of spy pics on December 26th just before the official unveiling.

On 2nd of this month, Mahindra officially unveiled two new motorcycles – Pantero and Centuro. Both of them share the same platform but are placed at a certain difference between the sub-segments that have been created within the 100cc segment.

Both Mahindra Centuro and Pantero are powered by single cylinder 106.7cc 4 stroke MCI-5 engine and produces maximum power outputs of 8.5PS @ 7500 rpm and similar 8.5Nm of torque at 5500 rpm. While Pantero is exactly a replica of erstwhile Stallio in terms of looks, Centuro is a new age, good looking muscular motorcycle.

MCI-5, rechristened form of ‘Micro Chip Ignited 5-Curve‘, is Mahindra’s¬†indigenously developed engine which the company says, is smart enough to respond to the power and economy need of the rider.


Despite its flab, Centuro (pictured above) only weighs just half a kilogram more than Pantero at 111kgs. However, Centuro is 31mm longer and 61mm higher than Pantero. Centuro also has a 5mm lower saddle height at 800mm and a higher ground clearance.

While prices of both the bikes have not been revealed, but Pantero would be placed as an entry level 100-110cc motorcycle whereas the Centuro would cover the premium 100-110cc segment.

Features of Centuro

  • Central Locking Anti-Theft System
  • Engine Immobiliser
  • Remote 128 bit encrypted Flip key
  • Find Me Lamps
  • Guide Lamps
  • Full-Digital Console

Features of Pantero

  • Best in Class maneuverability
  • Low turning radius
  • Full digital dashboard for higher trims
  • Longest Seat of 774mm in its class


We have already taken the Pantero (pictured above) for a spin and know how the new bike is. We will present before you a detailed ride review of the bike shortly.

Both these bikes would be launched very soon in a phased manner all across the country similar to what the company’s policy has been for their earlier products. We will also talk about Centuro in depth a little later.

For now just tell us, if priced well, would you buy these bikes over the Splendors, Discovers and Dream Yugas of today?


Saad Khan