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This definitely comes as a surprise for all of us. BikeAdvice reported the first ever spyshots of refreshed Mahindra’s Stallio back in August this year. We had to remove the pics for certain reasons. However, we continued spotting the Stallio (which will now be called as Pantero) in and around the outskirts of Pune.

Now, these spy pics come as a revelation of sorts. We spotted this test mule around Dehu Road in Pune and was all covered without revealing anything. There was not even a single trace what this could be. However, the horizontally mounted engine was a give away for us obviously along with other finer bits.


What appears different?

  • The side blinkers are fatter
  • The rear suspension spring is traditional black from the red of earlier variant/our earlier spyshot
  • From the not so clear frontal pic, the front headlamp appears different which is definitely a welcome change
  • The bike carried different console which looked like non-digital. The earlier Stallio had an all digital console reminiscent to Rodeo.
  • Tank also appeared to be slightly more muscular.
  • Covered rear panels also appear to be different and more protruding

What Appears Similar?

  • The silencer and heat shield
  • Rear Tyre also appears to be similarly specced 3.0” x 18”
  • Grab Rail
  • Tail Lamp

The major changes would be done with the engine and the mechanicals. The displacement is not expected to get changed but flaws related to the power delivery and gearbox would have been heavily worked upon by Mahindra. They have been extensively testing the Stallio (now Pantero) for the past many months now.

New-Mahindra-Pantero-110 (3)

The BIG Question?

What was Mahindra testing for the last few months in the mules which adorned exactly similar clothes as earlier Stallio? There are the following two possibilities:

  1. There are two 110cc machines Mahindra is preparing. One with the older Stallio’s looks and the other a more contemporary different looks. 
  2. Mahindra was just testing the revised and retuned engine, mechanicals and gearbox on the older Stallio’s clothes and now since the major issues have been taken care of, the end testing in the product’s final looks!

We strongly feel its the second one which is going to be true. It makes immense sense for Mahindra to redesign and launch the bike with no trail of connection with the discontinued Stallio. Launching the Pantero as an all together a new bike with new design, name and obviously removal of flaws would be the best bet for the new entrant in the motorcycle space.

Saad Khan

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  • Mubeen

    Mahindra is expected to launch two bikes in January and I guess this is the other one. Would have preferrred to see a more clear pic.

  • Gabs

    Looks like Mahindra are very much unsure and confused as to if they should launch a new bike or not at all.

  • manjunatha.s

    soo many bikes…….. one more bike……

  • Please Mahindra don’t launch two versions of the Stallio, with different appearance.

  • siddharth

    plz write this down.this product will be a flop too coz they have already damaged their reputation by producing faulty bikes & scooters like rodeo.Anybody who has a rodeo knows this.with mileage worse than bullet you cant make winners.The less said about their after sales service.Save your bucks & go for Honda & HH & if you really want to be different buy TVS but Mahindra NO NO….

  • sachin

    What happened to insect looking “mojo”?

  • Faann

    Is it Mahindra’s partner “Engines Engineering” now collabrated with Hero Moto Corp?

  • crazywheels

    The front cowl set looks like the ”late” Boxer 150- the round headlight with an awkward windshield. The rear looks like the old discover 125.
    But if they come with the old stalio engine in new boxes, it will be flop. They should bring engine to compete with the super refined and powerful Honda and hero engines. Dream yuga 110 engine already set a benchmark in the 100 cc segment.

  • Maddy

    Is it realy a mahindra product? Coz the bike more look like new bajaj discover 2013….!

  • rusi

    I had seen this bike , very good styling with better machine & awesome handling..

  • kedar

    hope this will manage to capture market….

  • kedar

    100 cc is ok … I am waiting for good powerbike from mahindra…

  • kedar

    what happened with italian mojo…….

  • pawan

    why mahindra west their time and reputation. Already the market packed with good player such as hero, hond, tvs etc. People never buy mahindra bike, because
    mahindra need to creat credit in the market first in bike segment, but it is difficult because of stalio bike from mahindra this is what last in first out.

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