UPDATE: Due to certain reasons we have removed all the spy pictures of the bike. Good news is that Stallio should be launching soon.

Mahindra’s first motorcycle, Stallio did not open to any good start when it was launched two years back. Prematurely, it had to be withdrawn from the market because of some technical glitches which hampered the bike big time. Now, Mahindra is preparing second innings of Stallio in 2012 and here we present before you the exclusive spy pics of the upcoming 110cc bike.


Upcoming 110cc Bike by Mahindra in 2012: What Appears Different?

Overall the bike looks similar to what it was when launched. The bike which we spotted was blue in color. It sported different graphics with a more pronounced Mahindra logo at the tank.

There is a new ‘110’ badge at rear panels signifying the bikes cubic capacity. And obviously, there would have been big rectifications in the engine and gearbox.


The bike sported same 5-spoke alloys, same face, MRF tyres and same all-digital console.

Stallio 110cc Extensive Testing ~1500KM nonstop


Mahindra is leaving no stone unturned to make this as niggle free a bike as possible. Stallio is going through extensive rigorous testing day in and day out. There was a recent 1500-1600 km marathon run conducted which was reportedly non-stop to test the bike’s durability. There are around 5-6 test mules of Stallio roaming around in Pune clocking many hundred kms every day to ensure the final output matches Mahindra’s expectations and more importantly customers do not go disappointed this time.

Stallio Launch Date: At Diwali

Mahindra is planning to launch Stallio sometime around Diwali, 2012 to latch onto the increased festive sales during that period.

Mojo Reportedly ‘Under Test’

We have also heard that Mahindra has also started testing the big and peculiar ‘Mojo’ but a 100% confirmation would only come when we actually see the product (test mule) in front of our eyes. We are on a hunt, Keep checking back for exclusive news and scoops only on BikeAdvice.

By Saad

Team BikeAdvice

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  1. I dont understand,by companies like mnm n bajaj copy suzuki bike designs?
    Bajaj 2012 disco-gs150r tank copy.
    MnM stallio-slingshot tank copy!
    Suzuki should file a case..

    • Then May be Bajaj and Honda will file a case against Suzuki for copying the design from Pulsar and Unicorn. GS 150 looks like a son born from Pulsar and Unicorn, In the same way Access looks like Active .

      • Man, what are you saying? Gs150r looks like Pulsar and Unicorn?? Really funny. The Gs150r is as different as it can be from both of them.

        It has a big tank. So if any bike has big tank, can you say it is pulsar copy? The Gs150r tank is much better designed with knee recesses for rider comfort. Also, the big tank makes rider feel like within the bike, instead of over the bike. Gs150r tank also is comfortable for rider; it does not hurt rider’s groin like pulsar tank.

        Regarding unicorn, the only similarity is in vehicle size and engine smoothness. So, do you mean other companies should not make smooth engines? City performance of both bikes is same. But Gs150r has engine balancer and 6th for stress-free highway rides.

        Unicorn has forward-set foot pegs and half gear lever; this is done in unicorn for cost cutting, not comfort. Foot-pegs of gs150r are slightly rear-set and gear lever has booth heel and toe shifter, no cost-cutting in gs150r.

        Unicorn has analog console for cost-cutting. Gs150r has digital console with gear indicator also. This gear indicator is a really good feature. Unicorn does not even have engine-kill switch due to cost-cutting.

        Unicorn has simple headlight; Gs150r headlight has additional position lamps. Unicorn has ordinary bulb tailamp for cost-cutting. Gs150r has LED tailamp and inbuilt indicator to prevent breakage.

        Style wise Gs150r is far ahead of bland unicorn.

        Even slim-lookig Access is very different from bulky-looking Activa. Activa has old-technology front suspension. Access has modern telescopic front suspension for better handling and comfort.

        Access 125cc engine pulls effortlessly, the extra power is especially noticeable with luggage and heavy pillion.

    • Pritam before the arrival of sling shot mahindra shown this bike to public…..
      did you seen both the bike in flesh????????
      its not copy

  2. What a ever stupid bike in INDIA we have this STALLIO?
    Bajaj discover 100 looks and performance is much better than this 110mil. I m using Bajaj Caliber UG 2000 Model. which is 111cc. Even my Caliber UG looks better than this mil. Come on Mahnindra what a stupid non sense bikes are coming from you.

  3. Mahindra, If your previous product “STALLIO” was a flop. Then you should go back to drawing board and give it cosmatic improvements and ofcourse better the engine and correct the faults. Name it something else.

    Your previous product was plagued and its tough to remove the stigma.
    Looks and a new brand sells. Old brand however improved fails to perform as the brand launch hype is gone, besides it was not well received in the market.

    Listining … Mahindra ..?

  4. Oh no Mr. Mahindra you are too late, your stalio bike is much out looking,out dated, no new features, no mind blowing. Only like anciant toy bike. People not accept it easily. Please not launch this bike again. It is totally faild bike. You can concentrate only scooter side in two wheeler.


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