Speculation: Naked Ninja Z250 Launch by Mid of 2014

The Z series of naked street bikes from Kawasaki has them all to transform themselves conveniently into one of the Autobots from the planet Cybertron. Take this one here – the Z250.

Kawasaki-Z250-Pics (1)

Considering it from its frontage, the headlight assembly and speedo console looks like something out of Marvel’s Transformers. It looks unmistakably aggressive and sophisticated at the same time. This theme of refined militancy pervades the rest of the bike. Good news is that it is coming our way soon; that according to Bikewale.com.

This naked is essentially the now-discontinued (in India) Ninja 250R but minus its fairing. There are, of course, some modifications to make the seating geometry less committed and more comfortable for the intermediate speed intercity and intracity rides. The handlebar is higher and wider than the Ninja, the side panels and headlight resembles that of the bigger Z800 and hooligan Z1000, and then, of course, it is a swashbuckler.

Kawasaki-Z250-Pics (7)

The Z250 is expected to be launched in India sometime during June-August this year. The 249 cc parallel twin of Z250 delivers a competent 32.5 bhp of power with 22Nm of torque which is very similar to the Ninja 250R. Transmission duties are performed by  6-speed gearbox and it weighs 168 kgs on the scale.

When it arrives, this naked fighter from Kawasaki will have the Inazuma as its main competitor, theoretically since both of them are parallel twins. However, in reality, the Inazuma is far too understated in looks as well as specs to pose any kind of threat to this naked Kwacker.

Kawasaki will import the Z250 as a CKD (Completely Knocked Down Units) in India and considering the price of Ninja 300, Z250 may be priced around or slightly under that Rs 3.0 Lakh mark.

Apart from this naked, we are also awaiting to hear anything concrete on the launch possibility of the brand new single cylinder Ninja 250 RR Mono!

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