We Are Accelerating Development of New 500cc Motorcycles: KTM

KTM 500cc motorcycle launches have been confirmed from 2022 onwards. Stefan Pierer says the company is boosting their development during COVID-19..

During this unprecedented crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, you would ideally believe that there would be definite impacts on the developments of new models. And for most of the makers, this holds true. However, the very aggressive KTM differs in its opinion.

When asked if the COVID-19 has slowed down the development of the new range of 500cc motorcycles, Stefan Pierer, CEO of KTM AG, replied in the negative. He elaborated, that on the contrary, the company is speeding up the 500 category projects. He believes that the 500cc category will be a very important segment for a variety of markets.

Here is the translation of Stefan’s response given to a French magazine…

It’s the contrary! Because of the lessons learned from the Covid, we are accelerating the projects because the 500 category will become a very important segment, especially in the markets developed as A2 motorcycles. And in the so-called emerging markets, it will be the premium segment. It will therefore be very important for our 125/200 and 390 Duke customers who will want to move upmarket.

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KTM 500cc motorcycle launches
The 500 platform will provide an opportunity for the current KTM customers to upgrade to a twin..

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Stefan is very true in believing that the upcoming 500cc KTMs and Husqvarnas will provide worthy upgrade options to all the existing Duke and Adventure customers, specially the current 250 Duke and 390 Duke riders.

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He has already cleared that the motorcycles are being developed in conjunction with Bajaj in India (more details) and the first model will be launched in 2022. In the same interview, Pierer also reacted on the Bajaj-Triumph partnership, probably for the first time. You can read details on it here.

Source – Le Repaire