Honda to Launch BIGGER Hornet 200R…? [Rumor]

Honda Hornet 200R launch rumors have started surfacing and they may have spilled the company’s strategy with the Hornet brand…

The game is getting interesting as Honda’s strategy in this new BS6 era is getting unfolded. Earlier this year, first rumors of one or more 200cc motorcycles from Honda for our Indian market emerged (report here).

This was followed by the company patenting its CBF 190R in India. The 190R is a China-specific motorcycle and looks pretty sporty. You can check out more details of it here.

Next up was the movement of the X-Blade higher up the pedestal with a massive price increment. The X-Blade BS6 tops at 1.11 Lakh which makes it one of the costliest conventional 150cc motorcycle in the country. The Hornet 160R hasn’t been updated yet and actually, there is not a lot of space left for it in this sphere.

So, Honda Hornet 200R..?

But this is where the CBF 190R again comes to the picture with its bigger 185cc engine. New rumors have emerged on the internet which claim that Honda may upgrade its Hornet to play in the 200cc space. It may adorn the sportier styling of the CBF 190R (which substantiates its patenting in India) and it may continue with the same motor which could be upgraded with better specs. Or, if Honda intends to play a more serious game – there could be a new near 200cc engine as well.

A Honda Hornet 200R at 1.30 Lakh levels looks much more justifying than a Hornet 160R at around the 1.15-1.20 Lakh mark!

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honda hornet 200r launch
This CBF190R could be presented as the new Hornet 200R in India…

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The introducing of the X-Blade has not brought in incremental sales for Honda and in fact, amid cannibalization, overall sales for the brand in the premium 150cc space have fallen. Hence, the 200cc platform can open some fresh new prospects for the company. These are initial chirpings; let us wait and watch how Honda plays this game…

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