Groundbreaking: Honda Files Patent for Clutch-by-Wire Tech

It may be pretty costly, but Honda’s Clutch-by-Wire technology can be ground breaking in various scenarios. It also opens up a lot of avenues in ease-of-usability…

According to recent revelations, Honda has filed for patenting a technology which it calls the clutch-by-wire system. According to the concept of this tech, the clutch will be independent of the lever without any physical connection. 

In resting, the clutch stays disabled which is just the opposite of the regular clutch-gear system we know of. So, if the transmission is not done perfectly, the engine won’t stop. 

The clutch lever action will be tracked electronically. There will be a hydraulic pressure control unit that enables the functioning of the clutch. 

Hondas Clutch-by-Wire

Additionally, the hydraulic unit will also keep a tab on engine speed, throttle position, gear movement, etc. With all the information it will ensure the gear transmission process gets executed smoothly. 

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These days most sports bikes even in the 150cc category offer technology like the slipper clutch to enable smooth transmission during riding without putting too much stress on full-on clutching. 

Moving up to higher capacity sports models, we get features like quick shifter and auto-blipper that allows gear change without holding the clutch. 

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Now, with Honda’s clutch-by-wire system, the gear transmission will be more fluid. We can expect this technology to surface on select high-power bikes initially. Later, this tech may percolate to more mass production motorcycles.

Interestingly, to keep things organic and maintain the feel of the conventional gear shifting, the patent images of clutch-by-wire system reveals a reactive force generating unit.  

Hondas Clutch-by-Wire
The Honda’s Clutch-by-Wire System

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It will provide a similar response which we normally sense while shifting gears on our motorcycles – just a little smoother, may be! This will ensure that the electronically controlled clutch still manages to give that feel of machine-based clutch that is currently being used on bikes.

When and if Honda will take it to production is not known but this tech can open up a lot of other avenues – like some button to convert this into an automatic clutch – which can save you of the trouble of clutch-ful riding in bumper to bumper traffic, etc.

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