Hero Vida V1 E-Scooters Can Utilise Ather’s Fast Charging Network

Hero Vida Electric scooters will utilise Ather charging network alongside 450 series of e-scooter as they use similar universal connectors…

After a long delay, Hero MotoCorp officially launched their new electric scooters under the new Vida sub-brand. The new Vida electric scooters have been introduced in 2 variants – Vida V1 Pro & Vida V1 Plus

With the booking process now initiated and the deliveries scheduled to commence soon, the next big question that comes to every paid customer and prospective customer’s mind is – How will the charging of Vida Electric scooters outside the home will happen??

Hero MotoCorp have shared that their new Vida V1 electric scooters are fully capable of utilising the Ather fast charging network alongside their own expanding charging infrastructure. 

Hero MotoCorp supports and have a major stake in the Bengaluru-based Ather Energy. Furthermore, both the Ather 450 series of e-scooters and Hero’s Vida scooters use similar open-sourced connector design in charging systems. This means, in near future, Ather 450 range of scooters will be able to utilise Hero’s speedily expanding charging infrastructure across the country. 

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Additionally, Hero Vida scooters have another ace up their sleeves. Leveraging their partnership with the Taiwanese swappable battery experts – Gogoro – the Vida scooters are equipped with fully-removable and swappable batteries. 

This new system will allow the user to charge their batteries in the comfort of their homes and offices, without worrying about charging infrastructure around them. However, these indoor charging sessions will be relatively slow. Hence, the need for fast charging stations and/or points. 

Both Vida V1 Pro & V1 Plus electric scooters are capable of fast charging at the rate of 1.2 Km/min, while the Ather scooters are a little more capable with 1.5 km/min fast charging rate. This quick rate allows the Vida electric scooters to charge from 0 % to 80% in under 65 minutes (claimed). 

Lastly, Hero is also working alongside Bharat Petroleum to expand their charging network by establishing new charging infrastructure across India. They are aiming to utilise the wide reach of Bharat Petroleum to install multiple charging points at the existing fuel stations along with establishing multi-point fuel dispersion and charging stations across the country.