Hero Vida V1 Plus & V1 Pro Bookings Open Today; Variants Compared & Explained

Hero Vida Variants Comparison tells us how different they are to each other, how much each cost and colour options…

Finally, Hero have launched their first electric scooter under the umbrella of their new sub-brand – Vida – and have launched their new electric scooter in 2 variants – V1 Plus & V1 Pro

As announced by the company, Hero Vida V1 Plus & V1 Pro bookings are starting today, i.e October 10, at 4:50 PM IST. 

Let’s discuss and understand the two new variants in little detail – 

Hero Vida V1 Pro & V1 Plus Electric Scooter – Variants Compared

The Hero Vida Electric Scooter is being offered in 2 variants Base spec V1 Plus & Top-spec V1 Pro

The first difference among the variants is the battery size. The top-spec V1 Pro comes equipped with a removable 3.94 kW battery pack while the base V1 Plus gets a 3.44 kW battery pack. 

Yet, the fast-charging times are similar – 0-80% SOC in 65 minutes or 1 hour and 5 minutes. 

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However, though the battery pack sizes are different in the 2 variants, the power output is the same in both the new variants. 

The power delivered from these packs is – Peak output is rated at 6 kW (8 HP) and the continuous power output is set at 3.9 kW (5.2 HP). These outputs are controlled by the 3 riding modes which are offered on these scooters.

Since the battery packs are of different sizes, the Indian Driving Cycle (IDC) range of these variants is also different. The V1 Pro claims an IDC range of 165 km on a single charge while the base V1 Pluus claims 143 km on a single full charge. 

Similarly, the acceleration numbers are slightly different – V1 Pro boasts a 0-40 km/h time of 3.2 seconds while V1 Plus claims the same 0-40 km/h in a slower 3.4 seconds. 

Colours & Pricing

Hero Vida V1 Plus has been introduced at Rs. 1,45,000/- (ex-showroom) and the V1 Pro is priced at Rs. 1,59,000/- (ex-showroom) and both prices include the FAME-II subsidy as well. 

Colour options for Hero Vida V1 Pro – Matte White, Matte Sports Red, Gloss Black &

Matte Abrax Orange. 

For Vida V1 Plus colours – Matte White, Matte Sports Red & Gloss Black.