Five of the Most Awaited Motorcycles of 2019

This list of the best upcoming bikes of 2019 is arranged in ascending order of their interest levels; and yes only the all-new ones!

So, we just witnessed an end of another year… Some of you may have had real fabulous on-road times and many from the remaining lot will be cursing your biker friends for cancelling your ‘once-in-a-lifetime‘ ride plans at the last minute. Nonetheless, this post has nothing to do with all of that but instead, we will want to keep you informed of some of the most awaited motorcycles of this year 2019 – only the accessible ones for the majority!

So, let us have them in the ascending order of interest, purely based on how we are seeing it. Also, we are listing only the all-new models in this story and skipping the motorcycles which will see an update like the 2019 Dominar, new Gixxer 150 etc.

Best Upcoming Bikes of 2019

Fifth –  Gixxer 250

  • Launch Timeline – First half of 2019 expected
  • Expected price – Rs 1.4-1.6 Lakh
  • Interest level – High
Gixxer 250 Launch

Now this one has been escaping for the last many months, or let us say years! However, it is coming for sure. A lot of the current ‘if’ and ‘buts’ will get clearer once Suzuki speaks up on this officially. We believe this will be one of the most important motorcycle for Suzuki and it is also expected to be offered in both the forms – naked streetfighter as well as a faired sportster. Recently, its engine details were revealed which you can read here.

More Details on Gixxer 250

Fourth – TRK 502 – Now Launched

  • Launch Timeline – First Quarter 2019
  • Expected price – ~Rs 5 Lakh
  • Interest level – Very High

This is the costliest motorcycle in this lineup but mid-size ADV lovers have been craving for it since DSK showcased it at the 2016 Auto Expo. DSK’s bankruptcy has delayed it for India but the new owner Mahavir Group seems to have prioritised it over Leoncino scrambler for our market and correctly so. It will be available in both on-road and off-road specs and let us hope Benelli prices it real well…

Spy pics & more details of TRK 502

Third – Hero XPulse 200

  • Launch Timeline – First Quarter 2019 expected It’s a HERO, we are unsure
  • Expected price – Promised under Rs 1 Lakh
  • Interest level – Extremely High
XPulse Launch

Look at that price tag and it has officially been confirmed by Hero that Xpulse 200 will be a 1 lakh motorcycle. Even if there is a little manipulation or different variants, prospects of a fairly well-equipped, small capacity ADV at around 1-1.10 Lakh look really luring. Whatever Hero has been doing of late in the ‘premium‘ segment (which is not so premium now), this is the only motorcycle which appears to be a game-changer for them.

Spy pics & details of Xpulse

Second – Yamaha MT15

  • Launch Timeline – 15 March speculated
  • Expected price – Around 1.2-1.3 Lakh
  • Interest level – Insanely high
Best Upcoming bikes

Many of you will be surprised to see it at the second spot but hey, I have a justification! Considering the insane numbers its faired sibling is doing at the moment, the naked predator-faced MT15 appears to be a machine which will definitely trouble a lot of those Pulsars and Apaches and spoil you with choices.

Details of Yamaha MT15

First – KTM 390 Adventure

  • Launch Timeline – Confirmed for 2019 – when? Nobody knows!
  • Expected price – Under 3 Lakh
  • Interest level – At its peak!
Best Upcoming bikes

Clearly, the 390 Adventure, which has officially been confirmed for our market for 2019 is the most awaited motorcycle of 2019. After KTM skipped unveiling at EICMA, it has been spotted testing multiple times, including India. This single cylinder ADV is sure to create ripples in the industry and more importantly, we are set to get a fairly powerful ADV which can do all of that at relatively sensible prices…

Spy pics & details of 390 Adventure

Recently, Honda announced the launch of CB300R which is another big launch of this year. Another very interesting motorcycle is UM Adventure 200 which was revealed/confirmed for India recently (details).

KTM/Bajaj Working on 500cc 2-Cylinder Engine: Pierer Reveals

If you do not agree with our ranking do let me know which one do you think is at the wrong place. Also hit us up if we have missed a motorcycle which you think should have been in this list…