KTM/Bajaj Preparing New 500cc 2-Cylinder Engine: Pierer Reveals

KTM 500cc engine launch timeframe not revealed; will propel multiple upcoming motorcycles but the question is – will Bajaj also use this motor…? 

After establishing their supremacy in the single cylinder segment, KTM now intends to venture into the multi-cylinder territory in the mid-size motorcycle market.

In a surprise revelation to Speedweek magazine, Stefan Pierer, head of KTM, shared that they are working on a twin-cylinder engine in the 500cc class. He elaborated that this engine will be manufactured by Bajaj in India. With this motor, they intend to give tough competition to the Jap motorcycle makers.

KTM 500cc Engine
690 Duke is the largest single from KTM

Currently, in the mid-capacity segment, KTM has the 375cc engine (of the Duke and RCs) followed by the 690cc motor of the naked Duke – both singles; nothing in between! With this new near 500cc engine, KTM will have a much better rival against the motorcycles of this class. And being a twin, it surely is going to be more balanced and better at NVH level management.

The 500 twin will find a place over the 375cc engine of Duke/RC390

Going by the statement, it appears that this engine will be/has been conceptualised, designed and developed by KTM and mass production will be taken care by Bajaj. Apart from KTM, it will be very interesting to see if Bajaj goes ahead and uses this engine on some of its motorcycles; or an apter question is – does Bajaj think that their brand name can carry such a premium product? Currently, single cylinder Dominar 400, which shares the 375cc engine with KTMs, is the costliest motorcycle they sell.

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On KTM’s front, it will be worth a wait to understand what products will this motor spawn – will KTM stick to the naked, faired and ADV product portfolio or will there be a change somewhere…

But Pierer sahab, where is the promised 390 ADV???