DSK Benelli Partnership

DSK Benelli partnership coming to an end will impact existing motorcycle owners.


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This is nothing short of breaking news! According to a news snippet at Zigwheels, DSK Group and Benelli are no more partners in India. DSK Group’s real estate arm has declared bankruptcy recently which has definitely impacted DSK Motowheels, the automobile branch of the company.

QianJiang Group (owner of Benelli brand) and Indian DSK joined hands for the Indian market distribution in 2014. DSK Motowheels was doing very well and had established 25 sales/service outlets across the country, with very respectable sales numbers.

Shirish Kulkarni (right) headed DSK Motowheels in India

They were selling 6-7 motorcycles at the moment and had plans to introduce the very interesting TRK 502 and Leoncino scrambler in India.

DSK Benelli Partnership End: New Owner

However, the current owners need not worry about the breakup as, according to the source of the info, Benelli has partnered with Mahavir Group of Hyderabad.

Leoncino, one of the upcoming Benelli model. When will it arrive now is not known

Mahavir Group was one of the dealership of DSK Motowheels and according to their official page, they are into automobiles serving wide variety of brands. They also have dealerships of Mercedes-Benz, Skoda, Isuzu, Indian Motorcycle, Suzuki Motorcycles etc around Hyderabad (apart from Skoda’s dealership in Orissa).

It appears that Mahavir group has already assumed the ownership but unofficially. We tried to hunt around for this information and searched official online channels of the company and its dealerships. In one of the dealership’s Facebook update (check here), from June 2018, images only have ‘Benelli’ branding (and they have ditched DSK Motowheels tag). The official DSK Benelli website is also down.

The other motorcycle TRK 502 which was (confirmed and) awaited in India

The new management may take over all or some of the existing dealership network from DSK. And hence, it appears that sales, spare parts availability, service for existing owners should settle down in the times to come.

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We liked DSK for their aggression in the market and it will be interesting to see how Mahavir group progresses with the brand Benelli. What happens to Hyosung – the other brand DSK distributed in India, is not known at the moment…


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