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Dominar 400 vs Apache 310 – How Are Indian Flagships Performing: FY21 Sales

Dominar 400 vs Apache 310 in terms of sales is not really a big contest but Indian makers producing world class products is a great feat!

For most part of the last two decades, we were limited to a maximum of 200-225cc motorcycles from pure Indian auto makers – TVS, Bajaj and Hero, obviously excluding Royal Enfield, which is in a different league altogether.

But then two of these these makers broke the ceiling and ventured in spaces they had never been – over 300cc displacements. Bajaj introduced the 375cc Dominar 400 in December 2016 and a year later, in December 2017, TVS launched its biggest Apache ever – the Apache RR 310.

Both the makers have utilized these years to improve their flagship products with continuous betterments. Let us have a look at how did the fiscal 2021 go for them in terms of sales.

Dominar 400 vs Apache 310 – Sales

ModelFY21 Sales
TVS Apache 3103379 units
Bajaj Dominar 4008783 units

Quick Pointers

  • TVS sold an average of about 340 units in the 10 months of last fiscal (two months were lockdown months).
  • Bajaj managed to sell about an average of 880 units of its biggest motorcycle last fiscal.
  • It must be noted that during debut Bajaj had anticipated its Dominar brand to achieve 10,000 unit sales a month. TVS was more realistic with annual target sales of 10,000 units.
  • However, both the motorcycles are far off from their targets even after 4-5 years in the market.
  • Apache 310 gave TVS total revenues of 84.47 crores – considering the current retail price of Rs 2.50 Lakh.*
  • In comparison, Bajaj earned 177.42 crores (considering current retail price of Rs 2.02 Lakh)*

*Only illustrative figures

Dominar 400 vs Apache 310
Dominar 400 has also received another sibling – Dominar 250

Upcoming 2021 Apache 310 Expected to Get These FIVE Changes

Both the makers have plans to further work on these flagship brands. Bajaj has already introduced a smaller Dominar 250 in the market to cushion its elder sibling whereas TVS is all set to launch an improved Apache RR 310 soon in the market.

Exclusive: Bajaj FLUOR & FLUIR Names Registered

Hero is also doing fairly well in the 200cc segment (check numbers) and has plans to venture in the 300cc space with its biggest-yet motorcycle (pics and details). So, its a lot happening for all you enthusiasts from Indian makers and this decade will be the one to look out for…

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