Exclusive: Bajaj FLUOR & FLUIR Names Registered

It is not know what is the company planning with these but Bajaj Fluir/Fluor could be an electric motorcycle. Details below…

Like everyone else, Bajaj is also planning to broaden its line-up of products. It already has some strong sub-brands in the portfolio like Pulsar, Chetak, CT etc. And we all know that instead of the company’s name, Bajaj wants the world to know its products by its sub-brands. That is why you see less of ‘Bajaj’ stickers on the products.

In a latest update, Bajaj Auto has registered trademarks of two names – FLUOR and FLUIR. Both the names sound similar and it appears the company hasn’t decided yet but only one of them may be used. It has reserved these names for automobiles, land vehicles, two-wheelers, motorcycles, scooters, three wheelers, electric vehicles, their parts, etc.

That suggests that this could be anything but for some reason, I am tilting towards an electric 2-wheeler, probably a motorcycle. According to the internet, Fluir is a Spanish word which means ‘flow’ (of a stream). Well, this doesn’t give anything out apart from the possibility of this being a very flowy, curvier product.

Bajaj fluir
Bajaj FLUIR name registered…

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Bajaj may not use either of these brandings on conventional IC engine motorcycles because it already has five sub-brands under which it sells them and most of them have quite a lot of space left for various products. So, adding another major brand may not be very beneficial. Plus both these names do not sound very apt for IC motorcycles.

Bajaj Fluor name registered…

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However, all of this is pure speculation at this time and Bajaj can use them on anything it is currently planning. So, get ready for Bajaj Fluor or Bajaj Fluir!