Spotted: Is Bajaj Launching Dominar 250 in Dominar 400’s Colors…?

Dominar 250 green color has been snapped at a dealership. Is Bajaj giving the exclusive 400’s shade to the quarter liter sibling as well…?

In an interesting turn of events, two brand new Dominar 250s have been spotted at some dealership wearing the two colors of the elder sibling Dominar 400 – Aurora Green and Vine Black. Currently, the quarter liter model is sold in Canyon Red and Charcoal Black color options.

It was said that the green color was limited to the 400 but it is now probably being made common. With no color distinction, it will be hard for people to distinguish between the two models – further killing the uniqueness of the 400.

The question is – why these two colors? Bajaj could have given these motorcycles some other, separate shades so that both the models could have some exclusivity.

On another note, are these body kit-ons of the 400 that have been snapped on the 250s, by the dealer (with those D250 decals)?

dominar 250 green color

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Well, we do not know yet and hope that this is a dealer level change and if Bajaj is indeed coming up with new colors, it better be different.

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Bajaj has been crazy with the Dominar brand. Apart from approx 16-18 price hikes to the bigger Dominar 400, it has already raised the prices of the 250 four times within one year of launch. It has become costlier by almost Rs 11,000 in this timeframe. Let’s just pray that there is no fresh price hike on the pretext of these new shades, if they are indeed in the pipeline!

Source – Thenickzeek