Dominar 400 Spied Up Close – Quick Pictorial Preview Inside

A long looong wait will come to an end when Bajaj will launch possibly the most awaited machine of the year – Dominar 400 in Delhi tomorrow. A day before that, have one good closer look at the motorcycle through these spy pics shared by a Facebook user Debashish Nair.

Dominar 400 Pics: Preview

This appears to be the same Laser blue colour adorned by the new 2017 Pulsar 220 (and others). So, apart from black and white, this is the third colour Dominar 400 will be offered in. Notice the blue-lit switches

The rider’s view. Nice low and wide handlebar – no clip-ons. Split instrumentation cluster – the main unit over the headlamp and the small unit on the tank.

A closer view of the main unit. As discussed earlier, it shows speed, rpm, clock, fuel available. And then you have the other tell-tale lights like side-blinkers, low-oil etc. Also notice the small visor for wind-protection. We wonder how helpful would it be though!

We hate this big protruding D400 decal – it is too garish! Split seat material is textured and it appears to be non-slippery. The rear part of the cowl is regular plastic. Notice the gap between the rear cowl and the seats! Also visible in this pic is the rear disc brake oil container.

Dominar runs on MRF Revz C1 radial tyres. The alloy wheels look beautiful and the relatively big rear disc sports that ABS ring. However, there is still no confirmation whether Dominar 400 will come with dual-channel ABS or not (remember single-channel ABS Pulsar RS200 also gets a ring at the rear tyre). Some reports speculate the possibility of single-channel ABS and double-channel ABS as the only two variants. The swingarm is nice and broad.

This is the complete rear set-up with a stubby exhaust, engine mud-protector and a long mud-guard. Yet again look at that D400 decal – it is screaming attention!

Here is the front. Obviously, those upside-down forks of the concept are gone. The ABS logo on the front fender along with a minor design protrude. Disc brakes, as expected, are sourced from Brembo and they appear to be the regular twin-piston with a bigger disc. Also notice the number plate holder is perched atop the headlamp.

The radiator, underbelly engine guard ahead of the leg guard.

And finally the front (pic sourced from invite mail). Dominar 400 will be the first Indian motorcycle to come with LED headlamps which are carried over from the concept.

So, many details are out and a lot of them remain to be announced, the most important being the price. We are betting at an aggressive tag and here is our analysis of the same. Launch is scheduled for tomorrow noon. Do join us for all the info then… But before you go, do share your opinion in the following poll…

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