3 Reasons Why Bajaj May NOT Launch Pulsar NS150 in India Anytime Soon

Pulsar NS150 launch in India may NOT take place at all in the near future despite the fact that the motorcycle is already being produced here since the last many months. Let me list some logical reasons supporting my stand…

Like everybody, Bajaj developed new-gen motorcycles (Pulsars in this case) which had technically advanced engines, more robust frames and a lot of latest features. They promoted it like anything, as everybody does! And as it happens, it was expected that as newer models would start capturing the market, they will discontinue the older motorcycles.

But what has happened is – the newer-gen Pulsars have not clicked. Not that they are not doing well but certainly not the quantum what Bajaj (and anybody else) would have expected. Yes, this is despite all the marketing push and the latest gadgetry and the looks. For reference, the Pulsar 220 single-handedly outsells both the new-gen 200 cc Pulsars in the market (which includes Pulsar AS200, Pulsar RS200) by a big margin and we have not even talked about the Avenger 220 yet!

Similarly, the older Pulsar 150 DTSi outmatches the new Pulsar AS150 by a massive gap in sales and this after around two years of its (newer-gen Pulsars’) presence. And then readers ask me these questions –

  • Bajaj Pulsar NS150 Launch – When will it happen?
  • What is causing so much of delay considering that the motorcycle is already on sale in many other markets since last year?

My answer is – I do not expect Bajaj to introduce the smaller NS in India anytime soon and I have my reasons of believing this…

Bajaj Pulsar NS150 Launch in India: Not in the Offing! REASONS

  • Number 1: Lack of confidence: The Pulsar AS150 has not worked for them. It is essentially the NS150 with the added fairing and projector headlamps. So, if the faired version (fairing is believed to be a mass-puller in India) has not been able to strike, Bajaj is not very confident of its naked sibling.
  • Number 2: No significant price difference: If you would remember, Bajaj launched the AS200 at prices which matched the Pulsar NS200 exactly. If we have to extrapolate the same theory to the 150 cc siblings, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to keep both Pulsar NS150 and AS150 at similar price levels.
  • Number 3: Updation of Older-Gen Pulsar 150: According to a leaked video, it has become apparent that Bajaj has no plans of discontinuing the older-gen Pulsar 150 DTSi (in clearer words – they can not afford to do that since it is their best seller) and they are preparing its updated model. It would also be BS4-adhering to ensure they can continue selling it after the stricter emission norms are enforced from April 2017.

Also the Pulsar 180 is also being updated which, in simple words, means that Bajaj has no plans to create any sort of a vacuum in that price range to place the new Pulsar NS150. For reference, currently Pulsar 180 costs Rs 79,545 against Pulsar AS150s Rs 81,230 – both prices ex-showroom Delhi. And Bajaj, unlike Hero doesn’t overlap products at least in the higher (150 cc and above) segments, generally.

So, unless they introduce added technology (which works in the minds of our markets like Fuel Injection etc) or discontinue the AS150, I do NOT see Bajaj launching the Pulsar NS150 in India anytime soon. It will continue to be an export-only model.

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