Days Before Launch White Dominar 400 ABS Spotted at a Dealer Yard

So three days from now, Bajaj may just re-write history with the launch of Dominar 400 – the most powerful motorcycle by them. And it appears that Dominar has already started reaching dealerships.

Motor Octane has shared pics of a white coloured Dominar from what appears as a dealer yard. This new spotting, apart from showcasing the Dominar branding on the motorcycle for the first time, reveals the following bits..

  • Dominar 400 will come in dual-tone colour theme.
  • Apart from black, there will be this white colour option (at least).
  • The motorcycle adorns a premium glossy white colour with a D400 decal on the rear cowls. These appear too big to us.

  • Dominar will come equipped with MRF tyres. It is the FC1 and C1 range which we have tested on RC390.
  • It is the ABS model – as can be figured out with that ring on the front tyre as well as the decal on the mudguard.

Dominar 400 Instrumentation

The instrument cluster over the headlamp is blue-backlit and features an upswept tachometer, speedometer, odometer, clock, fuel gauge along with other tell-tale lights. The one mounted on the tank gets ABS indicator, side-stand indicator etc.

Dominar 400 speedometer instrument cluster
Dominar 400 will feature two information modules

Dominar will sport the 373.2 cc liquid-cooled 4 valve engine of the Duke 390 but will come with Bajaj’s trademark triple spark technology. Power and torque output are not confirmed yet, but we expect them to be around 35 PS and 30 Nm respectively.

Unlike the instant-burst of power of the Duke 390, we hope that Dominar comes with a more sedate power delivery for that relaxed ride, essential for a sports cruiser.

Dominar 400 Price

We stand by our prediction. According to our estimate, Dominar is expected to be priced between 1.55 to 1.65 Lakh ex-showroom Delhi. How did we arrive at this price band? Read here. If this goes true, it will be the most VFM motorcycle ever launched in India.

Dominar 400 Launch Date

Bajaj has also sent out media invitations and Dominar will be launched on 15th of December in Delhi. This also means that its media ride will take place after the official launch (and price announcement).

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