Dominar 250 Price Slash: Bajaj Gives a Vague Reason

Dominar 250 price reduction has sent a wave of excitement among bikers. Bajaj has shot in a press note confirming the update, and the reason…

It was yesterday that the news of the price reduction on the Dominar 250 went out (here is our report). This is against the current norm when we are seeing tremendous (and senseless) price hikes on almost all motorcycles.

And today, Bajaj has officially sent out press notes informing about the update. The Dominar 250 has become cheaper by whopping Rs 16,800 and now retails at Rs 1,54,176 ex-showroom Delhi. This is the lowest ever price of the motorcycle. For reference, it debuted at Rs 1.60 Lakh. And Bajaj has also clarified that there has been no feature omission or spec dilution.

Dominar 250 Price Reduction Reason

Now, the bigger question is – why Bajaj announced such a major price cut on the Dominar 250?

Well, Bajaj hasn’t been very specific. It says that it intends to

..grow the franchise further by encouraging customers to take their first step into the world of touring.

Sarang Kanade, President (Motorcycle Business), Bajaj Auto said, that the company believes that bike touring can open the doors to ‘real’ experiences and is fun for youngsters. It intends to expand the touring motorcycle segment in India.

dominar 250 price reduction
Dominar 250 continues to be offered in two colors – red and black

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Well, this could be partially true but the real reasons could be different. The Dominar 250 may be far from the company’s initial sales targets (which it never made public, unlike Dominar 400). A similarly high recent price reduction of the rival Yamaha FZ25 may also have pushed Bajaj to think in this direction.

On the other hand, Dominar 400 has received a significant price increment. Click pic to know its latest price..

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Whatever be the reason, the motorcycle is now one of the most affordable quarter liter model in India and definitely offers a good bang for your buck!