Some Interesting Motorcycle Names Bajaj Tried Registering (Since 2001)

Heck, Bajaj had filed for CORONA way back in 2000s! There is Civic, Victor, Benz as well. Among the good ones – Predator, Rupture, etc

Registering a trademark is extremely important for all the business purposes. Imagine Honda toiling hard and popularizing the CBR moniker and any other company, say, Bajaj launching its own motorcycle under that name.

We have been seeing a lot of interesting names that various manufacturers have secured for their future motorcycles and other products. In this story, let us talk about some brand names Bajaj thought of, filed for their registrations but there is no product based on them yet. This list contains most names that are removed/withdrawn and only a few are still with Bajaj.

Very Interesting Ones

  • Bajaj CORONA (Removed)
  • Bajaj SX ENDURO (Withdrawn)
  • Bajaj ENCORE (Removed)
  • Bajaj RAIDER (Removed)
  • Bajaj PROWLER (Removed)
  • Bajaj FLORIN (Removed)
  • Bajaj BANDIT (Removed)
  • Bajaj NIGHT HAWK (Removed)
  • Bajaj SCORPIO (Abandoned)
  • Bajaj RALLY (Removed)
  • Bajaj TERMINATOR (Removed)
  • Bajaj PREDATOR (Removed)
  • Bajaj RAPTURE (Removed)
  • Bajaj X-FIRE (Removed)
  • Bajaj CROSSFIRE (Removed)
  • Bajaj SCION (Removed)
  • Bajaj STING (Removed)
  • Bajaj ZR-12 (Registered)
  • Bajaj THUNDER (Removed)
  • Bajaj HULK (Removed)
  • Bajaj WEREWOLF (Removed)
  • Bajaj BLUEFLAME (Registered)
  • Bajaj SCRAMBLER (Registered – Valid till 2027)
  • Bajaj COLOSSUS (Removed)
  • Bajaj BOMBER (Removed)
  • Bajaj ADVENTURE (Registered – Valid till 2029)
bajaj motorcycle names
Dominar is the new name that Bajaj has launched few years back. It was registered along with Dominare, back in 2016.

Moderately Interesting

  • Bajaj Calypso (Removed)
  • Bajaj Cross (Removed)
  • Bajaj Taurus (Abandoned)
  • Bajaj TROTER (Removed)
  • Bajaj Saturn & Bajaj Uranus (Removed)
  • Bajaj Benz (Withdrawn)

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Bajaj was most active during 2005 when it had filed for tons of names. However, soon the company decided to focus on lesser brands and popularizing them instead of naming upcoming models independently.

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Do you like any of these names and hope to see a motorcycle under it in future…?