Upcoming 250cc Motorcycles in India: List of FIVE Models

This upcoming 250cc motorcycles list comprises five models that range from naked streetsters to cruisers to scramblers…

Just a few days back, we updated our story on the number of 250cc that are already available in India. And the tally is 8 motorcycles strong! You can check it here. In this article we will list the most probable five quarter liter motorcycles that are destined for our market.

Upcoming 250cc Motorcycles in India

Pulsar 250

  • Status – Confirmed (spotted testing)
  • Expected Price – Rs 1.40-1.50 Lakh
  • Expected Launch timeframe – Sometime in 2021
Upcoming 250cc Motorcycles
Spy pic of upcoming Pulsar 250. Pic credit – Bikewale

Although we have mentioned ‘confirmed’ in the motorcycle’s status since it has been spotted testing but let us clarify that its exact displacement has not been revealed yet. However, based on the speculations, we are also now confident that the under test Pulsars will be quarter liters.

The upcoming Pulsar 250 will be offered as a naked streetfighter. Will Bajaj use the NS moniker is not known yet. It will be powered by a simpler 250cc engine and overall architecture and may produce 24-25 bhp of peak power – around the Pulsar NS200’s ballpark.

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Pulsar 250F

  • Status – Confirmed (spotted testing)
  • Expected Price – Rs 1.50-1.60 Lakh
  • Expected Launch timeframe – Sometime in 2021
Spy pic of the upcoming semi-faired Pulsar. Pic credit – Bikewale

Recently, a semi faired version of the motorcycle was also spotted testing. That suggests that Bajaj has planned various models on this platform. The Pulsar 250F will continue to be powered by the same all-new 250cc engine. It may gain extra features and be presented as a more premium model.

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Intruder 250

  • Status – Speculated (chances – 50 percent)
  • Expected Price – Rs 1.75 Lakh
  • Expected Launch timeframe – Not known
Upcoming 250cc Motorcycles
Speculative render of the Intruder 250 by a BikeAdvice reader…

An Intruder 250 is a logical step for Suzuki to expand the moniker. People have been asking for a bigger model since the body of Intruder is ‘quite’ big for a puny 150cc engine. There have been few hints about this, however, Suzuki has, so far, restrained itself from revealing anything. Anyway, Suzuki’s upcoming models are generally revealed very close to production/announcement.

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Bajaj Triumph 250

  • Status – Motorcycle confirmed (capacity unconfirmed)
  • Expected Price – Around Rs 2 Lakh
  • Expected Launch timeframe – Delayed to 2023
A raw speculative rendering of the upcoming 2 Lakh Triumph by one of our reader…

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Here again, a Triumph-Bajaj co-developed motorcycle under Rs 2 Lakh has been confirmed, however, its cubic capacity is unknown. Unlike what the Indian media thinks (that it will be a 200cc), we believe it will be a quarter liter model. You can check out our opinion here.

Leoncino 250

  • Status – Confirmed
  • Expected Price – Rs 2.50 Lakh
  • Expected Launch timeframe – Sometime in 2021
Upcoming 250cc Motorcycles

SPIED: Single Cylinder Potential Benelli 250cc Sports Bike Spotted

Benelli has officially confirmed that it will bring back the Leoncino 250 in the Indian market with BS6 compliance. Considering the fact that Leoncino 500 has returned very recently, the smaller scrambler may be here sometime this year. However, we expect a slight little reduction in the asking price to see more units moving out of dealerships.