Bike Care During COVID Lockdown: 4 Quick TIPS

We list four very quick tips for bike care during lockdown period. These are important and will help in proper, longer and safer functioning of your motorcycle…

The world has come to a standstill. A majority of us are locked in our homes and along with this fear of catching the deadly Coronavirus, we also have to abide by the local lockdowns and other restrictions that various state Governments have announced.

That means we won’t be able to ride our bikes for a pretty long time. The helpful news is that almost all manufacturers have announced extensions in the warranties and service timelines so that they can be peacefully done when things get better.

But till that time, and to prevent ourselves from any unpleasant surprises, here are a few quick tips on bike care during this COVID lockdown.

Bike Care During Lockdown

Parking: It is advised to park your motorcycle or scooter under shade to prevent it from this scorching sun. And use a plastic cover to ward off rain, insects and even thieves. Whenever you are parting ways with your bike for a longer period, always park it on the center stand, obviously if your motorcycle has one.

bike care during lockdown

Start it Frequently: Start your motorcycle every 4-5 days and keep it on for around 10-15 minutes. Try to use the kick starter to prevent further damage to an already lesser used battery. Do not over-rev the engine upon start as the engine oil would have settled at the bottom and it may take some time for it to clung back on to the parts. Be gentle.

bike care during lockdown

Also note that you should do this in the open and not in a closed garage since there are various gases that are emitted by these machines and you may breathe them in. You can also disconnect your battery after this exercise.

Basic Steps: When the bike is on, try to engage the clutch and brake levers multiple times. You should also move it front and back to ease out the tyres.

Clean it Regularly: It is a given that motorcycles parked and unused for a few days attract various insects and even birds who make them their home. To ensure this does not happen and your bike is also saved from corrosion and any other mishap, clean it every week or 10 days. You can also lubricate your chain and other areas if you want.

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Once this lockdown period gets over do not jump on your bike and throttle away to glory in excitement. Lift the wraps off, get a good 360 degree visual inspection, fill optimum air in your tyres, check all the parts before you start to move.

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There is not a lot that you and I can do under these restrictions and social distancing guidelines. But do not worry, good times are waiting. Your itch to ride your recently acquired steed will be fulfilled. It is just a passing phase. Stay alert and stay safe.