OPINION: Why Triumph’s ₹2 Lakh Bike Could be a 250cc (& NOT 200cc)!

Bajaj Triumph ₹2 lakh bike launch may get deferred to 2023 but let me add a little twist to the story by presenting few interesting observations…

Last year in January, Bajaj and Triumph – the duo which came together in 2017, formally announced their partnership. At an event, they also spilled some beans on their immediate future plans and everyone was bamboozled at the shocking announcements they made!

First, let me list 2 pointers that are officially confirmed..

  • The duo has partnered to make various motorcycles between engine capacities of 200 cc to 750 cc. This displacement range, we just mentioned, are official figures shared by the brands.
  • It was formally announced that the target start price will be under Rs 2 Lakh in India.

Based on these, there is a common notion that the cheapest range (2 Lakh) motorcycle will be a 200cc! Do note that apart from the ‘range’, there is nothing that the duo has confirmed about the exact engine specs.

Another very important bit that few people may have missed… and let me quote that from the press release itself…

The partnership will build a new engine and vehicle platform in the mid-capacity range (200- 750cc) and offer multiple options to address different segments in this class

If you read it carefully, it suggests that (only) one new engine and platform will be developed (which will obviously spawn multiple motorcycles) to start with. This is exactly the same strategy between TVS and BMW. They are leveraging the same 312 cc engine and platform and has so far made three motorcycles catering to absolutely different applications. And the fourth model is on the anvil (more details).

Triumph ₹2 lakh bike launch
Bajaj has recently launched a 250cc bike – Dominar 250. It shares 250 Duke’s engine.

Why I believe it could be a 250cc motor instead?

Unlike the common perception (that the first Bajaj-Triumph will be a 200cc), I would like to believe that the duo will instead develop a 250cc engine. The simple reason is – a quarter liter motorcycle is a more accepted displacement option around the world.

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Remember, the motorcycles emanating out of this partnership will be exported to various countries and Nick Bloor, CEO Triumph has specified….

…in the fast-growing markets of South East Asia, but also driving growth in more mature territories like Europe…

From this language, it appears that Indonesia is another big market that the duo may be considering exporting to. It must be known that Indonesia levies significantly higher taxation for motorcycles above 250cc. You can read more about it here.

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So, a 250cc engine, which can propel a lot of different forms, will be more versatile than a 200 cc motor, and also be more world-relevant and makes a more logical choice. It must also be highlighted that Triumph (single-handedly) wanted to develop a 250 cc motorcycle (platform) few years back but it ditched the plan understanding that it does not have the expertise in making and distributing entry-mid capacity motorcycles.

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So, what do you think – Will it be a 200 or a 250?