The 400 has also received another price hike...

Dominar 400 latest price increment of ₹2K comes just after a significant hike announced just few months back We list the total increase…

In another round of price hike, Bajaj has increased the retail cost of its flagship model – Dominar 400, yet again! The motorcycle which started its journey at a shocking price tag of Rs 1.36 lakh for the base variant (and Rs 1.50 Lakh for the ABS trim), has now gone precariously close to that Rs 2 lakh mark – all within a matter of four years.

Dominar 400 debuted back in December 2016 as a sports cruiser. Bajaj offered a more feature rich model in 2019 and it was updated to Bharat Stage 6 emission norms last year. What started as a value for money offering is now presented across as a ‘premium’ motorcycle in the lineup.

Dominar 400 Latest Price

Dominar 400Rs 1,99,755
all prices ex-showroom pan-India
Dominar 400 latest price

The BS6-related minor hike of Rs 1749 in April 2020 was followed by another increase of Rs 3000 in May. But Bajaj did not stop at it – the motorcycle saw a price hike of Rs 1507 in September and Rs 1500 in October. And just at the beginning of this new year 2021, we see Bajaj flash new prices at its website which are higher by Rs 1997!

On the entry price, Dominar has become costlier by around Rs 64,000 which is an increment of over 47 percent on the original price. If we talk only about the ABS variant, Dominar 400 has gone dearer by almost Rs 50,000 which which is a very significant increment of roughly 33 percent! Add 5-year mandatory insurance, ever increasing roadtaxes and you end up paying a lot of extra money to get one home now!

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