Bajaj ‘FREERIDER’ Registered; First e-Motorcycle…?

If we have to speculate, Bajaj Freerider could be the company’s first electric scooter based on Husqvarna’s upcoming E-Pilen’s platform…

Every automobile brand is now focusing on increasing its presence in the electric vehicle segment. The government is pushing for wider adaption of electric vehicles.

It has recently waived off the registration fees on EVs and also increased the subsidy on the FAME II scheme. This has given a booster to brands and they are busy planning, designing, and launching new electric vehicles.

Bajaj Auto has recently filed for registering a name FREERIDER. At the current moment, nobody has any clue on what this could be. But, chances are that the company may not bring in an all new brand in its existing portfolio of IC engined motorcycles. That takes us to the next possibility of this being an electric 2-wheeler – probably a motorcycle?

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Now, this should not have any resemblance with the KTM’s Enduro motorcycle which is called as Freerider E-XC. In fact, this firms up our belief that Bajaj’s Freerider, if it goes to production, will not be an IC engined motorcycle as it would clash with its partners branding (though chances of KTM’s Enduro coming to India are almost nil).

bajaj freerider

KTM and Bajaj are preparing a whole lot of electric products on new platforms. The Chetak will spawn Husqvarna’s first scooter Vektorr. And the e-Pilen under the Swedish brand’s name has also been recently unveiled and it will be produced in India. And, there will definitely be more models based on it. We haven’t heard about Bajaj’s version of it yet and Freerider could be it!

Currently, only Revolt RV 400 is popular among electric motorcycles. Other e-motorcycle makers are extremely small.

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A lot of ifs and buts at this point of time but there may be something brewing at Bajaj’s headquarters and let’s wait and see what it turns out to be.