Govt Considers Registration Fee Waiver for Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicle registration fee may be abolished to further push this greener mobility segment. It comes as another step in this direction…

Good news for electric vehicle enthusiasts. The Indian government will provide complete concession to buyers from paying the registration fee while purchasing electric vehicles. This move will encourage people to move towards this eco-friendly mode of transport.

Also, the union government will persuade the state governments to completely let go of the road tax or reduce it significantly. Soon, the government may put out a notice asking the feedback of the public on the attempt to switch to electric mobility.

The current registration charges are fixed by the Transport Ministry of India. For registering two-wheelers customers have to pay Rs 50 while the same task for a four-wheeler is Rs 600.

The amounts may not be big but this is a step in the positive direction. Already, electric vehicles for commercial usage are exempted from any permit to run across India. Our country has a huge commuter segment that uses two-wheelers for daily purposes.

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When a majority of this userbase switches to electric vehicles it can contribute to a pollution-free environment.

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As per the latest development, most automobile firms have stepped up to deliver electric vehicles. Renowned brand Hero is working on two electric vehicles that may launch next year. Even Honda has plans to introduce battery-powered two-wheelers by 2024. Prominent makers like Bajaj and TVS has already launched their electric 2-wheelers in the market.

electric vehicle registration fee

Many electro-motive brands in the Indian market are exclusively developing electric vehicles. Even ride-sharing company OLA is also planning to expand its market by stepping into the electric mobility segment. For that, it is already working on a huge electric-two-wheeler production facility. Soon, the OLA electric scooter is also going to hit the Indian markets.

Electric vehicles have a great future in India and the government is doing its best to support and encourage the public in switching to battery-powered automobiles.

-by Swayam Prakash