Bikers Are Already Selling Jawas on OLX But…

Want to buy second hand Jawa?

Hardly has Jawa got in full swing with its deliveries which commenced earlier this year, and they have already got into the second hand market, like we saw with Hero Xtreme 200R. There are not one or two but many specimens already uploaded on OLX. However, there appears to be a difference…

Second hand motorcycles are sold at prices lesser than the original invoice price, no matter if it has done only a few hundred kilometers on the odo. However, most of the listings uploaded for Jawa appear to be costlier than the original on road price of the motorcycle. There are indications that people are not selling their motorcycles for genuine personal reasons, instead they want to take advantage of the terribly long waiting period of brand new Jawas.

Buy second hand jawa

For new Jawas the wait could be anything between three to seven months and if you are willing to pay a premium, you can get these pre-owned motorcycles right away. Most of them have done only a few hundred to some thousand kilometers on the roads so they would mostly be like brand new.

Buy Second Hand Jawa

According to the listings, the cheapest of them start from Rs 2.0 lakh with odo readings of 21 kilometer and 500 km. There is one forty two at Rs 2.05 Lakh from Kerala which has completed only 100 km and another one in Karnataka which has done 124 kms, at 2.10 lakh. That is not all – we can see someone from Hyderabad listing his ‘not even a month old‘ forty two at whopping Rs 2.60 lakh. Apart from forty two there are 1-2 listings of the Jawa 300 classic as well.

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Jawa has commenced deliveries of the dual channel ABS versions from earlier this month and they have plans to launch Perak, their third motorcycle in the months to come.