Jawa 42: Owner Calculates Fuel Efficiency; Shares Service Interval

Jawa 42 fuel efficiency (on actual test) discussed in the story along with a few other points. See how far is it from the certified number…

After a long wait, Jawa has finally started delivering motorcycles. Although at a very slow rate but both the variants – Jawa (Classic) as well as Jawa 42 are being handed over to their owners at a frequency which could best be described as ‘one by one‘ 😀 .

Anyway, here are a few quick pointers which you may want to know. They have been extracted from a portal Footloose Dev who is among the first owners of Jawa 42.

Wait time

He booked his motorcycle on November 15, soon after the online payment link went live at the official website. After multiple delays, his 42 got delivered on 7th April – a wait of 4 months and 23 days!

How many Jawas have been booked?

Jawa has been super silent on the actual number. The author of the website claims that Jawa Faridabad has amassed a total of over 500 bookings alone. And Jawa has about 100 dealerships all over India! So, you can simply calculate the magnitude.

Main Stand

Like many of the current motorcycles, Jawa only comes with a side stand as a standard fitment. The Main Stand is sold as a separate accessory for which you will have to pay extra.

Jawa 42 fuel efficiency

Jawa Service Interval

According to the author, the lightweight Jawa has a service interval of 6000 km. He hasn’t mentioned anything about the timeframe.

Jawa 42 Fuel Efficiency

The author has also posted a video on Youtube where he calculates the mileage of his Jawa 42. He rides his brand new motorcycle (under run-in) on a highway at conventional speeds of 40-60 kph for about 50 km. After refuelling his 42 returned an efficiency of about 34 kmpl. You can watch his video here. Just for reference, the ARAI certified fuel economy of Jawa is 37.5 kpl.

This is the single-channel ABS version of Forty Two and the dual-channel ABS version will start getting shipped from or after June. And then Jawa also has the third motorcycle Perak in the pipeline!