Imperiale Deliveries From Diwali; Gets 500 Bookings

Imperiale deliveries will commence from 27 Dec for people who have booked one within this first phase. It has also got a good number of bookings within a short time frame..

Imperiale 400 is expected to be the biggest volume churner for Benelli. Not only is it the most affordable motorcycle in the company’s lineup, it plays in a segment which has the highest number of followers/buyers.

Royal Enfield has made a fortune out of this mid-capacity retro-classic motorcycle segment. It has become so big that no one appears to be strong enough to even come close to it, at this point of time. Benelli has also announced rivalry against RE and hence, it will also impact the other new rival Jawa.

Imperiale Deliveries

Benelli officially commenced bookings of Imperiale towards the end of September and within less than a month, it has amassed as many as 500 bookings. As Benelli announced earlier, deliveries of the motorcycle will commence from Diwali onwards ie from 27th October.

Imperiale deliveries

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By localising a few components of the classic motorcycle like its tyres, wheels, electricals etc, Benelli has managed to price it very competitively at (Rs 1.69 Lakh) a price which is only Rs 14,000 more than the Classic 350. Even this difference, sort of, gets nullified with the Imperiale sporting fuel injection (Classic comes with a carb). Jawa, priced at Rs 1.72 Lakh (for the equivalent dual-channel ABS version) is costlier by Rs 3,000 on the ex-showroom price.

Imperiale 400 Specs: More Powerful Than Classic 350

We just rode the Imperiale 400 today for about 250 kms. We will share our review with you as soon as it is complete.

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Booking numbers source – Autocar