Work on Bajaj Urbanite underway… 


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Bajaj has been making news ever since they partnered with UK’s Triumph motorcycles to develop new mid-capacity bikes for the domestic and international markets. This has opened up tremendous opportunities for both the players to capture new sets of customers.

Apart from this, according to a report at Livemint, the Pune-based motorcycle major is also preparing a new business which has been codenamed as ‘Urbanite‘! According to the source, this will be an electric two-wheeler brand which will sell stylish and aspirational products in the domestic as well as international markets.

The idea, as it appears, is to make a Tesla of two-wheeler EV space. Apart from steering clear of scooters, Rajiv Bajaj now says that his focus is not in the volume business. It must be noted that arch-rival Hero is already in the electric two-wheeler space for the last many years. However, they are making only the very basic two-wheelers for now and Bajaj’s EVs are expected to be more dapper.

Bajaj Urbanite pic dominar
It will be interesting to see if Urbanite will spawn EVs out of Bajaj’s current models or it will have separate models….

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Bajaj Urbanite Launch

It is not known if Urbanite will be the final goto market name of the new Electric brand but it sounds spot on. Stylish electric vehicles – both 2-wheelers and 3-wheelers will reportedly be launched under the new brand within three years, before 2020.

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Clearly, after struggling for a pie in the commuter space, Mr Bajaj has identified more powerful motorcycles or niche segments as new business opportunities and he is already taking giant strides.


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