Bajaj Urbanite Launch

Bajaj Urbanite launch planned within next 1.5 years…

Bajaj has been making news ever since they partnered with UK’s Triumph motorcycles to develop new mid-capacity bikes for the domestic and international markets. This has opened up tremendous opportunities for both the players to capture new sets of customers.

It is already known that Bajaj has lined up an all-new brand ‘Urabnite‘ which will mark the company’s venture into the world of electric vehicles.

Here are a few developments on this front…

  • A separate business unit dedicated to the electric vehicle division called as UBU (Urbanite Business Unit) has been created. It is in addition to the existing MBU (Motorcycle Business Unit), IBU (intra-city business unit), EBU (export business unit) and PBU (Probiking Business Unit) divisions.
  • Mr Sumeet Narang heads the newly constructed business unit and he is the person responsible for spearheading Bajaj’s foray into the world of e-vehicles. He will be helped by Amit Nandi (head of Probiking unit) for the financial year 2019.

Moreover, according to Money Control, Rajeev Bajaj said that they are working very strongly on electric two-wheelers. He added…

It could be an electric motorcycle as we are a motorcycle company. It could be an electric scooter…

Furthermore, the focus is more on the aesthetics of the product. He elaborated..

People are not buying Tesla because of its batteries, they buy because it is beautiful. So our way to approach electric mobility is not to make a battery on two-wheels (but) it is to make the most beautiful two-wheeler in the world

In a latest interview to Forbes, Rajiv Bajaj yet again talked about Tesla and here is what he said –

When we develop an electric two-wheeler, whether bikes or scooters or mopeds or bicycles, it will be a Tesla-like business. This brand will be purely electric. The best solution is when the brand itself is electric. Toyota is not an electric brand. It’s a petrol, diesel brand also making electric vehicles. But with Tesla, it’s not the case. You would be aghast if tomorrow Tesla launches a petrol Tesla.

So, Urbanite will be an electric vehicle brand which will sell stylish and aspirational products in the domestic as well as international markets.

The idea is to make a Tesla of two-wheeler EV space. It must be noted that arch-rival Hero is already in the electric two-wheeler space for the last many years. However, they are making only the very basic two-wheelers for now and Bajaj’s EVs are expected to be more dapper.

Bajaj Urbanite pic dominar
It will be interesting to see if Urbanite will spawn EVs out of Bajaj’s current models or it will have separate models….

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Bajaj Urbanite Launch

Bajaj says they are targeting ‘next year and a half‘ to put the first Urbanite, likely to be a two-wheeler, in the market. Even if gets delayed they say they want it to be there ‘well before’ the BS6 emission norms kick in, in 2020.

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Clearly, after struggling for a pie in the commuter space, Mr Bajaj has identified more powerful motorcycles or niche segments as new business opportunities and he is already taking giant strides. For an update on Bajaj-Triumph’s motorcycles, click here.


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