Bajaj-Triumph motorcycles launch in coming years; will cater to the mid-capacity segment markets… All the details so far…

When Rajiv Bajaj announced at the company’s last Annual General Meeting that they are very close to forging an alliance without divulging the name of the other party, it was a widespread belief that it would be Ducati. However, in a simple press release Bajaj surprised everyone by announcing a strategic partnership with Triumph Motorcycles instead.

Here are all the details that have surfaced so far…

Bajaj-Triumph Partnership – Key Pointers

  • This is a NON-EQUITY partnership which means that there is no money involved. It will be a basic understanding between two manufacturers to leverage each others strengths and in the process grow together.
Bajaj-Triumph Motorcycles Launch
Bajaj’s biggest motorcycle currently is the Dominar 400
  • It will enable Triumph to expand its reach to high volume markets specially the emerging markets of the world (through Bajaj).
  • Bajaj will have access to Triumph, its motorcycles and though it is not specifically said, but also the technology of the Brit manufacturer!
  • Here comes the most important term – ‘mid-capacity‘! The partnership will deliver a (new) range of mid-capacity motorcycles for respective markets (whichever either of the manufacturers are eyeing). Bajaj does not have a motorcycle bigger than Dominar 400 whereas Triumph mostly plays in the higher segment. Expect a new range of 250-300 cc to about 700-800 cc motorcycles from the joint venture.

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A report at ET Auto revealed…

  • Triumph expects a major jump in sales in the domestic market. They are foreseeing sales of over 1 Lakh units annually from the current 1200 odd numbers.
  • The finer details of the formal agreement will be signed soon.
  • Triumph’s Chief Commercial Officer, Paul Stroud, believes that with this partnership, India could become company’s biggest motorcycle market.
  • Stroud also clarified that Triumph brand will focus on motorcycles over 500 cc whereas the motorcycles emanating out of the partnership with Bajaj will focus on mid-size capacities ranging from 250 to 700 cc.
  • According to the report, the first concept of the JV is being developed. The biggest bit is this – it could be a single cylinder 500 cc motorcycle, according to the report.

Here is what a report at MCN revealed…

Triumph planned 250cc single cylinder motorcycles like Daytona 250, Street Single but the idea was dropped back in 2015 without presenting a reason. It is natural to expect this partnership to spawn something on similar lines.

  • However, Paul Stroud (Chief Commercial Officer at Triumph) says, that motorcycles they are developing in conjunction with Bajaj will be “much more mid-capacity”. In simpler terms this is a clarification that both these partners are looking at around 400 cc (more aptly 500 cc) to 700-800 cc. MCN expects it to be a near-750-ish. We expect the first products to be around the 500 cc engine capacity.
  • Paul also elaborates that their idea is to take Triumph motorcycles, with the products emanating out of this partnership, to a completely new set of customers which is not possible at this point of time.
  • The Bajaj-Triumph motorcycle resulting from this partnership will be sold all over the world including UK.
  • However, Triumph is NOT only eyeing the developed markets and instead they have clarified that they want to have a piece of the growing mid-capacity motorcycle market of India.
The beautiful Triumph Bonneville (Pic from our Road Test. Click pic to read)

Vimal Sumbly, Triumph India’s head has revealed that this partnership will bring mid-segment motorcycles within affordable price ranges. Apart from this, we have already discussed what will be the initial signs of the first motorcycle launch from the partnership.

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Bajaj-Triumph Motorcycles Launch

In the nutshell, expect the first motorcycles to be showcase-ready by 2020, and an eventual launch and delivery commencement may commence by early 2021. This is very similar to the BMW and TVS alliance wherein BMW is leveraging TVS’ low-cost manufacturing prowess along with its widespread network whereas TVS is gaining a lot of technological benefits from the Germans!

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So, a lot is cooking and this is indeed one of the best news you would hear. We will keep updating this article as and when new details will trickle in…


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