Yesterday, Bajaj and KTM officially announced Husqvarna’s launch in India and we have already shared with you the big news. Today, let us tell you all what is planned for the brand by the two partners in quick and crisp pointers.

KTM-Bajaj Plans for Husqvarna

  • KTM and Bajaj has successfully celebrated their tenth strategic partnership. In this anniversary year, both the partners have extended the joint venture to include Husqvarna as well (now owned by Stephan Pierer of KTM).
  • Since KTM acquired the brand in 2013, sales volumes of the Swedish motorcycle maker (Husqvarna) have risen and they sold 30,000 units in 2016 which is an all-time high figure for the niche brand.
  • Through this new step, they intend to increase Husqvarna’s reach to many more international markets which will give a major boost to its sales.
  • So far, three motorcycles have been planned – Vitpilen 401, Svartpilen 401 and Vitpilen 701. Both the 401s are based on Duke 390 whereas the bigger 701 is expected to share the engine and other bits with Duke 690. Husqvarna has not officially talked about Svartpilen 701 but it has been spotted testing internationally, so we believe it will also be a part of the bouquet.

  • At least the three motorcycles officially confirmed are planned to be launched in early 2018 internationally and they will be produced in Mattighofen, KTM’s Austrian facility.
  • Later next year, according to the agreement, production of the smaller 401s (Svartpilen 401 and Vitpilen 401) for the global markets will shift to Bajaj’s Chakan plant which currently also manufactures KTM’s smaller Dukes and RCs. It is not clarified whether KTM will completely stop producing these twins in Austria.
  • Through this step, Husqvarna is expected to scale up from ~100,000 units in 2017 to 200,000 units in the next few years (exact timeline not decided).

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Husqvarna for India

  • Like KTM branded motorcycles, Bajaj will take care of retail sales of Husqvarnas in India and have plans to launch them here. Though they have not specified the timelines but Indian introduction is expected soon after the production shift is complete and the facility settles down with international dispatches.

  • Apart from India, Bajaj has also announced that they will sell Husqvarnas in Indonesia.
  • Interestingly, the press statement reads – “BAJAJ aims to sell Husqvarna motorcycles at a similar level as KTM products in India…”. This phrase could mean, similar price levels, similar volumes or something else.
  • Huskys are expected to be retailed via the same KTM-branded retail network which is on an expansion spree.

So, here we are with the biggest news of the month. Among other things, Husqvarna will add diversity in the 2-3 lakh price range with differentiated offerings. But the question is – will the aam junta be able to pronounce these names 😛

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  • Arnold Seva

    “But the question is – will the aam junta be able to pronounce these names 😛”

    Has the aam junta been able to pronounce Chevrolet, Porsche or even Volkswagen ?
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