Speculated Pulsar 250 – Possibilities & Details in 4 Pointers [Updated]

New Pulsar 250 launch can only be expected by 2020 but there are contradictory reports coming in…

Isn’t it real easy for Bajaj to just pick up KTM’s 250cc motor, change some hardware, add the triple spark plug tech and introduce the Pulsar 250 in the market? Wrong, it is much deeper and difficult than how and what we envisage. There are contradictory reports coming in.. let us talk about them…

According to a report at Autocar which sparked this speculation first, Bajaj is preparing Next-Generation Pulsars but these will be based on the older-gen models (Pulsar 150 DTSi, Pulsar 220 etc) that are still the company’s mainstay in terms of sales. Let us look at the possibilities and details in quick pointers…

1. Pulsar UG6, as they may be called, will get a new engine platform that will have wider scalability, more than the current 150 to 220 cc range. They will be 4-valve motors (instead of the 2-valve engines of the current gen) and will be designed keeping the upcoming BSVI emission norms in mind.

Pulsar 220 is the biggest motorcycle in Pulsar range at the moment. Pulsar 250 launch will broaden the brand’s catchment audience.

2. The story goes on to speculate that while the entry to it is expected to be the Pulsar 150 – the largest selling Pulsar in the range, the top of the line can be maxxed to 250 cc, instead of the current 220. In simple terms, Bajaj may introduce a Pulsar 250 which will also make them internationally relevant.

3. Though not specified there but if this goes true, Bajaj may have two parallel platforms – one 250 cc based on the economical architecture and another one which they can share with KTM, probably based on the existing Pulsar NS and RS range. The premium platform can be more relevant to the international markets and the built to cost platform can serve the domestic market predominantly. This is purely our analysis of the scenario and Bajaj may or may not be thinking in this direction!

Pulsar RS200 Price
Pulsar 250 is expected to be based on the new platform of the older-gen versions…

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The new Pulsars will definitely have a new design language but how (or if) Bajaj will differentiate them with the existing newer-gen products needs to be seen.

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4. New Pulsar 250 Launch

Autocar says that Bajaj may showcase or reveal bits about the new-gen Pulsars early next year and can follow it up with their launch by the end of 2019 itself.

Twist to the Story

A latest update at Zigwheels claims that the new engine will be based on the KTM 250 Duke. And the motorcycle (Pulsar 250) will be a successor of the Pulsar NS200.

This is not entirely contradictory to what we have discussed earlier and looks like that there will be a good amount of hardware that Bajaj may pick up from the quarter liter Duke motor. However, there may be a vast difference in the overall platforms of both these motorcycles. But we do not think Bajaj will discontinue the NS200 as the report predicts.

Whatever it is, we are in the very initial stages of the Pulsar 250 concept. Bajaj has understood that their Pulsar brand needs a big push to continue to be the sales leader it currently is. They are planning to broaden the range but it appears that they will keep it limited to 250cc or thereabouts and may not go beyond that. For the higher displacement spectrum they already have the Dominar tag or they may introduce something else as the need may be.