Pulsar NS200 Adventure Edition: List of All the Changes

Should Bajaj launch this mild Pulsar NS200 Adventure in India…?

Bajaj has chosen not to participate in the Indian Auto Expos and it has been absent for the last two iterations. However, it is very much present in shows being held in international venues. It was a part of the Istanbul Motobike Show and kept on display various models which included Pulsar NS200, Pulsar RS200, Pulsar NS160, Dominar 400 and V15.

Two versions of Pulsar NS200 have been introduced by the brand. One of them is simply a new colour theme – yellow (with grey) which, we think, will be introduced in India sometime later (picture at the end of this article). But the other one – Pulsar NS200 Adventure is what appears to be more interesting…

Pulsar NS200 Adventure – Features

Draped in the red colour, the Pulsar NS200 Adv had some added equipment which is listed below..

  • Metal wire grill headlamp
  • Knuckle guards
  • Engine guard
  • Some added aluminium bits on the headlamp, radiator, chain cover etc
  • Auxiliary lights
  • Pannier holders
  • Carrier for luggage
  • Apart from this, there appears to be a navigation device/mobile holder strapped onto the handlebar as well.

Pulsar NS200 Adventure

This is the ABS + FI version on display (NS200 is offered with a single-channel ABS in India, however FI version is kept only for exports) and for some reason those tyres are wrapped with polythene.

Apart from this, we can notice no other changes and in all probability the engine would be untouched. Bajaj sold the Pulsar 200 with a half fairing in India and called it AS (Adventure Sports); but it was discontinued within a couple of years owing to lack of demand.

Pulsar NS200 in yellow colour. All pics credit surmeklazim.com

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So, what do you think – till Bajaj prepares a proper ADV (as they have announced that the AS brand will make a comeback), can we have this as a make shift offering?