Bajaj Scooter launch is not planned, according to the latest statement by Rajiv Bajaj…


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Bajaj Auto once managed to dominate the entire scooter market. Back then ‘Chetak’ was the lifeline of the manufacturer who has now been pushed to the fourth spot in largest two-wheeler sales by TVS in the domestic market.  Mr. Rajiv Bajaj himself once stressed the heights that Chetak had managed to gain for Bajaj Auto few decades back.

Its last product in this segment was ‘Kristal’ and with this, it bid farewell to this space.

However, with the gaining sale of scooters in urban areas owing to increasing traffic and rise in women riders, scooters are preferred over motorcycles as the more ideal mode of commuting. But, the rising figures seem to have created no change to the mindset of Bajaj Auto’s topmost official. He has, yet again, reiterated his priorities which do not feature venturing into scooters.

bajaj scooter launch kristal
Kristal was the last scooter Bajaj launched in 2007

In a statement made at the Annual General Meeting, where he announced that they are very close to a partnership (strong hints of Ducati), he also said that with KTM and now Husqvarna they almost have the motorcycling segment covered and the only puzzle left is ‘easy-riding machines’ which will be plugged by the new acquisition. This way of work is, what he said, more suitable for him than (venturing into) scooters. Here is the statement in his own wordings, according to Economic Times

“There is also a world of easy riding or lazy riding, it is a world of Harley Davidson, Indian motorcycle owned by Polaris, the world of Triumph, this segment so far has been missing from our puzzle. The only missing puzzle is the premium brand in this space. That is the format of work which is more suitable to me than a scooter,

This quashes a recent rumour where a scooter pic was shared and it was claimed to be the next-generation Bajaj Chetak. You can check it out here.

So, it becomes abundantly clear that Bajaj scooter launch is not in pipeline and the company has no intentions of venturing into scooters which is the fastest growing two-wheeler segment in India at this time. But the bigger problem is that their complete focus on motorcycles is also not yielding them the desired results, at least in the domestic market. For example, for the first quarter of this financial year they have conceded their second largest selling motorcycle maker tag to Honda (more details).

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