‘Hamara Bajaj’ is Now ‘The World’s Favourite Indian’

‘The World’s Favourite Indian’ – that is what Bajaj wants to be known as now, now that they are taking Indian manufacturing to 70 plus countries. No manufacturer is anywhere close to them in terms of exports!

Your parents know it as ‘Hamara Bajaj‘; you have seen it changing to ‘Distinctly Ahead‘ and the newer generation will now know it as ‘The World’s Favourite Indian‘! And it is kind of true as well! Bajaj would probably be the only Indian automotive brand which has seen a remarkable change in how people know and see it…

Few decades back, it was strictly a scooter maker just when they transformed themselves into an international-level motorcycle maker which was triggered by the introduction of brand ‘Pulsar’ in 2001. The current situation is that they do not produce scooters any more and are fully concentrating on motorcycles, not just for the domestic market but for a plethora of international markets.

The World's Favourite Indian

With the new identity that was revealed hours after the launch of Yamaha’s FZ range, Bajaj wants to reinvigorate their transformation from a domestic scooter maker to a global motorcycle powerhouse which has happened in just 17 years! Today, Bajaj is the largest two-wheeler exporter and by a massive margin. 2 out of 3 bikes exported from India are Bajajs!

40 percent of whatever they produce is exported to 70 plus countries across the globe. They have recently achieved a new milestone – 2 million units exported in 2018! They have earned a forex of $13 billion in the last 10 years!

Launch of the Pulsar in 2001 changed the Bajaj brand completely…

With 15 million plus units sold in 70 plus countries, Bajaj has set a benchmark in the ‘Make in India‘ vision of the Indian government.

This new brand identity will be communicated through an exhaustive marketing campaign which will be featured on TV, print, outdoor, digital mediums and its showrooms.