Three Reasons Why Aprilia GPR250’s Indian Launch Look Possible

Aprilia GPR250 Indian launch could be a possibility – we share three reasons why. They are apart from the positive reception it has received here…

At the very onset, let me clarify that there is nothing from Aprilia on this. They have just released a new 250cc motorcycle in China and since then our hopes have risen multifold. But I thought of giving some substance to this ‘expectation’ and could innumerate these following reasons on why Aprilia’s GPR 250 could be India bound.

But before that, if you have missed the prominent features and specs of the motorcycle, here is a quick overview video that can update you about it, in a few seconds..

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Aprilia GPR250 Indian Launch Possibility – 3 Reasons

Intent – Aprilia has, time and again, said that after settling with scooters, it intends to venture into the mass market motorcycle segment. Mass market for them is, obviously not the 100-150cc commuters! Its CEO has also specified that the motorcycles it is planning would be in the 150-250cc segment and it will venture in this segment with a ‘breakthrough‘ product (read Diego Graffi’s comment here). It went onto showcase two sporty 150 cc motorcycles at the 2018 Auto Expo – RS150 and Tuono 150, as concepts. So, this speculation of a possible quarter liter is not without any base.

Single Cylinder Engine – Many manufacturers believe, and quite rightly so, that India is a cost conscious but very lucrative market. They have been specifically building single cylinder engines for the Asian markets, including India. And as soon as you hear that GPR250 is equipped with a single cylinder engine, there is a possibility that Aprilia’s thinktank may have other markets in mind as well, including one of the most probable – India! In straight-forward words – a single cylinder quarter liter makes more sense for a market like ours than a twin and hence….

Aprilia gpr250 indian launch
This GPR150 was spotted in India. Click pic to see spy image

GPR150’s Indian Spotting – Aprilia also sells its smaller sibling GPR150 in China which shares the design (and may be many other internal bits) with the GPR250. This very motorcycle (along with few others) was brought to India at an event which is believed to be the dealer showcase of possible India-bound variants (or something related to it). It is believed that Aprilia also took feedback from its dealers regarding the models they showcased. This is a clear indication that something related to the brand ‘GPR’ is/was cooking at the Indian management boardrooms.

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Add to this the biggest reason – that bikers in India have really liked the mini-RSV4 design of the quarter liter ever since Indian media covered it exhaustively.

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So, there we are – with this hope of getting to see this 250cc at our nearest Aprilia showrooms in the months to come. 2020 Auto Expo could spill some beans on this…