Mystery: Benelli Patents Different TNT 600

Different 2020 Benelli TNT 600 pics have surfaced creating confusion on the company’s strategy regarding the mid-sizer…

Benelli seems to be doing something mysterious with its next-gen TNT 600. So far, one actual (yellow coloured) motorcycle was spotted at some location in China (spy pics here) which was followed by the patent designs of a green coloured, different looking model.

In a latest update, that yellow coloured model has also been patented by the Italian-Chinese company. The yellow coloured motorcycle wears a completely different, much more aggressive looking headlamp. Unlike the green model (where the side blinkers are integrated into the tank extensions), the side blinkers are placed by either sides of the headlamp on the yellow motorcycle.

Another change is that seat – the green model gets split seat whereas the yellow motorcycles seems to be sporting a unibody seat. The internal codename of both the motorcycles is also different – it is ‘BJ600GS’ for the green motorcycle which was patented in July whereas it is ‘BJ600GS-3A’ for the yellow motorcycle which has been patented now.

Here is a good look at the differences between the two models Benelli seems to be preparing, from all the angles.

2020 Benelli TNT 600 Pics (Patent Images)

2020 Benelli TNT 600 Pics

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This update is a little confusing at this point of time. According to what we see Benelli may be working on two versions of the next-gen TNT 600 but we do not think they will go in parallel production.

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In a likely scenario, one of them gets ditched midway and the other one goes into final production or Benelli may sell two different variants of the same model in various markets across the globe. It must be known that only the yellow coloured motorcycle has been spotted in reality and this green version, which we like a little more, has emerged only in patents so far…