2021 Yamaha XSR155 Launched in Matte Green in Indonesia

2021 Yamaha XSR155 comes in a new matte color but at an unchanged price tag. It also gets various accessories for personalization…

As you all know Yamaha is expanding its product line-up based on the immensely popular 155 platform. We, in India, only get the R15 and the MT15 based on this platform. However, there are two more models – neo-retro XSR155 and dual sport WR155, that Yamaha sells internationally.

The XSR, in particular, has been of enormous interest in India ever since it was introduced last year. Everything, right from its styling, to obviously the specs (similar to R15) makes it an alternate choice. Add the fact that it is the most affordable motorcycle in this line-up makes it a particularly lovely option at hand.

To build up its hype, Yamaha has officially announced the 2021 XSR155 in Indonesia in a new Matte Green Authentic color shade. The new green color has a matte shaded tank with silver colored decals and brown colored seat. The side panel is also painted silver. The motorcycle continues to be offered in the existing shades of Premium Matte Silver and Matte Black Elegance.

Yamaha has also kept the price of the new shade unchanged at IDR 36,580,000 on road in Jakarta. This equates to almost 1.90 Lakh in INR.

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Yamaha did contemplate bringing in the XSR to India but somehow it thought a little too much and instead of the one based on the MT15/R15, it is now introducing a model based on the Indian 150cc FZ platform. This model, called as FZ-X, will be launched in the coming few days (check spy pics).

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Apart from this, Yamaha is also preparing a 125cc version of the XSR which will be sold in Europe. You can check its details here.

2021 Yamaha XSR155 Pics

2021 yamaha xsr155
2021 yamaha xsr155
2021 yamaha xsr155
Yamaha is also offering accessories for its XSR155….